How to Configure and Adjust the Mouse Sensitivity for Gaming

This is something that regular PC platform players know more than enough, we mean the correct use and configuration of the mouse. Specifically here we refer to the sensitivity and other settings of the mentioned mouse when playing with our favorite titles in Windows 10.

Before we start we will tell you that this type of settings so important when using our mouse to play in Windows , we can do it in different ways. Furthermore, we can affirm that this type of adjustment becomes especially important in those titles in which we have to aim and shoot. And is that some games establish a default sensitivity level based on the dpi setting of the device . At the same time, others allow users to customize that level of sensitivity to the maximum.

mouse sensitivity

It is possible that many of you, after a while playing a certain game, already have the same configured with the perfect sensitivity of the mouse. However, when switching to another, these settings change completely. That is why we are going to tell you that you can use the Sensitivity Matcher program to use those same settings in other games, a program that we downloaded from here .

Copy mouse sensitivity from one game to another

In fact, this is a simple free program for Windows that is going to be very helpful when it comes to carrying out this task that we discussed with games. In addition, all without limitations in terms of titles, since we can copy the mouse sensitivity of any game. Yes, in order to use the same sensitivity in the destination, that specific title must allow us to introduce a personalized value in this regard.

For all this, the first thing we do is download and run the program that we mention, which is also free and portable, so it does not need installation. Once we see it on the screen, we go to the “Select preset yaw” drop-down menu and check that the game for which we want to copy the sensitivity appears in the list. We select it if it is here, and if not, we opt for the Easure any game option.

Sensitivity Matcher interfaz

Next we open the game from which we want to copy the sensitivity, we point the cursor to the corner of an object to start taking note. To start recording, we do it with the keyboard shortcut Alt + / and then Alt + Backspace. This forces the in-game cursor to do a full turn and finish where it was when we started the process. Then we will have the sensitivity value that Sensitivity Matcher has detected.

To finish we go to the title in which we want to copy the sensitivity and we are located in the configuration screen. So, in the mouse sensitivity part, we introduce the exact value that Sensitivity Matcher has detected from the original game, and that’s it.

Windows options to adjust mouse sensitivity

As we have previously mentioned, many of the games that we currently install on a PC have their own sensitivity settings . This will allow us, once the software is started, to adjust this important aspect of the mouse. However, it can also be the case that we do not want to, or we cannot change that. If necessary, we can make use of the parameters for the mouse configured in Windows 10 , something that we achieve from the Configuration application .

Configuracion win raton

Well, at this point, we will say that the Redmond operating system offers us several interesting parameters that we can adjust in this regard. So, next we will see the most important that we can calibrate to adjust the mouse settings to play better. Of course, this is the one that will be applicable both to use in the system itself, and in other applications, including the aforementioned games.

It is worth mentioning that, in the beginning, to be able to access these, as we mentioned earlier, we will do it from Windows Settings . Thus, to access this section, we can do it through the Win + I key combination. Then, in the window that appears, click on the devices section. So in the left part of the interface we find the devices that we can configure from here, so we select Mouse.

Mouse configuración windows

At this point, we will say that from here we will have the opportunity to adjust various parameters related to the peripheral that we discussed. We refer to the simultaneous scrolling lines, the primary button, behavior of the central wheel, etc. As you can imagine, these somewhat peripheral-specific behaviors will be extended to the games we use in Windows 10 .

Advanced mouse settings for comfortable gaming

At the same time, for the case that concerns us in these same lines regarding sensitivity, we will have to click on the link called Additional Mouse Options. This will give us a new window that corresponds in this case with what we see in the Control Panel in this regard.

Propiedades mouse panel

As in Settings, here we can exchange the main button of the device . Another parameter that Windows presents us with to adjust and that will be very useful in games is to be able to customize the speed of the double click with the primary button . But perhaps one of the parameters that we have the possibility of customizing here and that will be most useful to us in the world of video games, is the aforementioned sensitivity.

This is something that we can adjust to a great extent through the control called Select the speed of the pointer, located in the upper part of the window. Of course, in order to see this functionality, we must first go to the Pointer Options tab. Well, this function consists of a slider bar that allows us to adjust the sensitivity of the pointer when we move the mouse over the surface that we use.

Sensibilidad puntero raton

And to finish we will tell you that to get more out of current games, we could also find it very interesting to go to the Wheel tab. As you can imagine, from here we will have the opportunity to adjust the movement , both vertical and horizontal, of the central mouse wheel.

Rueda central mouse

And it is necessary to take into account that there are more and more elements that we use to play, so being able to adjust the sensitivity of this central mouse wheel will also help us in some specific titles.