SSD-LED: Check the read and write speed of SSD disk in real time

ssd-windowsThe personal computers that we use for years have been advancing with the passage of time to reach the powerful equipment that we have today. These have gained in power, speed of process, and design, at least in most cases.

Therefore, in the case that we are familiar with these computer equipment, it is more than likely that we have been accustomed for many years to LEDs that correspond to disk drives . As you know, those blinking lights serve as a visual indicator so we can see firsthand that the computer is using that unit.

This is something extrapolable to the current solid disk drives or SSD , so in these lines we will talk about a program that will help you in this activity visualization. Specifically, we refer to the program called SSD-LED , an open source proposal that you can download from here . Actually we are talking about a disk drive activity indicator that also integrates a read and write speed monitor.

Control the status of your SSD drives with this software

It is worth mentioning that this is a solution for solid disk drives that only works on Windows and will be very helpful. It must be taken into account that at this time many users have changed to the use of solid state drives . This is mainly because they are faster, less prone to errors and with the exception of their higher price , they are the best option. In this way and to a large extent, we avoid some of the most common failures of conventional hard drives .


But with everything and with it, something that some users may miss in these modern storage devices, it is precisely the activity indicator . Hence the utility of the program we are talking about, SSD-LED.

Actually this is responsible for putting at our disposal, in the system tray, an activity indicator. We talk about a portable program that barely consumes resources, nor occupies space. All we have to do is download it and run it in the operating system.

From that moment on, a new icon with a circular and dark tone should appear in the system tray. At first it may seem that it does nothing, but if we monitor it while using the computer, we will see that its state changes. This is because the icon flashes like the LED of a normal hard drive, which refers to its activity in real time .

Measure the operation of your solid disk drives

But that’s not all, but the program does much more. And if we double click on the icon mentioned, a new program window appears. This screen has a graph is updated in real time and represents the actual performance of read and write SD drive. Therefore, at a glance we can see the values in MB / s of the operation of our PC disk, something that will be very useful.

SSD LED gráficos lectura

At the same time here we find two bars that we can adjust. The first one does not allow setting the speed threshold of the activity indicator. The other fader is for the update interval in milliseconds of the data to be displayed. This refers in particular to the time between speed checks for reading and writing, all depending on the type of use we make of the software.