The Best tablets to watch series and movies

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S6You may have decided that the next tablet you buy is focused on the consumption of multimedia content and, more specifically, those that arrive from streaming video services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video . We show what should be reviewed in this type of products so that they are an adequate solution.

The truth is that these types of devices are ideal to take advantage of the accounts that are available on platforms such as those we have mentioned before, since thanks to the fact that it has a larger screen than the one integrated in smartphones, the experience that is achieved is much better.

Therefore, it is not a bad idea to have a tablet to watch chapters of series that are being followed in the event that you go out and, of course, also movies that are also part of the database of the services of this type.

Uso de tablet fuera de casa

What should a tablet have to watch series and movies with quality

Obviously the screen is the axis on which you pivot that you have a better or worse experience when enjoying videos. And we do not talk only about the dimensions of this component, since other options such as resolution are essential to be clear if the image quality will be adequate.

In the first case, the ideal is to have as large a hardware as possible, such as ten inches , but the models with nine are not bad either … You must find a balance between portability and size, but what Remember, try to get the largest possible panel.

Regarding the resolution, here are several details to assess. One of the most important is to be clear about what type of subscription you have contracted, since this can limit the image quality that is seen on the tablet screen (an example of what we say is Netflix itself, which the cheaper it is all lower is the definition).

The fact is that a certain thing in general is to get an HD tablet , but if you never want to have problems here, the ideal is to invest a little more and choose a Full HD. The budget rules, but it is not precisely this where it is less important.

Some additional details that should be taken into account if it is possible to know them, is that the device that is purchased has a brightness greater than 200 nits , so that there are not many problems outdoors, and that the viewing angle is greater than 120 grades , since this way sharing video sessions will be more than possible with a fairly adequate quality.

Other hardware details to review

Although less decisive, there are other options that have to exist in the device that is purchased to ensure proper operation. When working with content that can be quite demanding, you have to be sure that the main hardware that includes the tablet allows you to run these are solvency.

Thus, the ideal is to buy a model that includes an eight-core processor and 4 GB of RAM , and that Full HD videos are a piece of cake for this combination. But, much to the surprise, this in this segment of the market is not exactly the most common, so a four- and three-gigabyte SoC is also a solvent solution … although it can suffer if a lot of work is done in multitasking.

Other things that are interesting to review are that WiFi connectivity is Dual Band type, since this will favor a good download of data from online platforms; if the battery exceeds 7,000 mAh if possible to hold long sessions with the screen on;

and, if possible, that the sound is stereo if this possibility exists and, in addition, that improvement technologies are included if headphones (wireless or not) are connected. If this is more or less generally fulfilled, you can be sure that watching Netflix or HBO series will not be a problem.

Quality tablets that allow watching series and movies

Next, we leave several models that meet what is necessary to enjoy series and movies of streaming platforms without any problem. We leave their corresponding purchase links in different online stores.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

A model with many virtues, among which is a very attractive design and a 10.5-inch screen with Ful, HD resolution that can with everything. It only weighs 400 grams and the operating system it integrates is Android, so everything is quite simple. Its complete hardware allows the execution of all types of applications to be excellent.

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Apple iPad

I could not miss a model of the Cupertino company that remains as one of the references in the tablet market. With powerful hardware that has no problem with Full HFD content, it highlights how efficient the processor and iOS operating system is. The 10.5-inch screen fits perfectly to watch Netflix content and also a stereo speaker.

tablet Apple iPad

Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite

A model that has an adjusted price and that is why it is still a good solution to enjoy multimedia content. Its screen offers great portability since it is around eight inches, so it fits with those who travel a lot, with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 that is quite adequate. It integrates an eight-core Kirin 710 processor and 3 GB of RAM.

tablet Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite

Teclast X4

A model that if something has space is that its screen is 11.6 inches, so its screen is very good to enjoy series and movies. This convertible model offers the most interesting hardware, since it includes 8 GB of RAM and its processor is an Intel Celeron… so yes, its operating system is Windows 10 and this computer is not bad.

tablet Teclast X4

Lenovo TAB4 10 Plus

A very compact tablet because it does not fail at all, since its hardware is quite competent and the screen more than enough to watch all kinds of videos. We are talking about a device with Snapdragon 625 eight-core processor and that has a 10.1-inch IPS panel with Full HD resolution. The operating system it uses is Android.

Tablet Lenovo TAB4 10 Plus


An Android device that has a ten-inch screen with Full HD resolution, so the contents of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video are not a problem. With full access to the Play Store, it integrates a ten-core MediaTek MT6797 processor and the RAM is 4 GB, so everything goes smoothly.

tablet CHUWI Hi9 Air

Teclast Tbook 10 S

Another tablet with Windows 10 that is a good option … and also economical. With a ten-inch screen and Full HD resolution which makes it fit with video playback. Add the use of the Android operating system with a dual boot, so it is possible to enjoy the Google operating system. It includes 4 GB of RAm and an Intel Cherry Trail X5 processor.

Tablet Teclast Tbook 10 S

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

One of the best tablets on sale right now, with really powerful hardware and a ten-inch screen with excellent quality (it’s AMOLED type). I could with Ful HD content without messing up. It allows excellent autonomy and RAM is already a symptom of how good it has: 6 GB, nothing less.

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Apple iPad Air

This tablet with 10.5-inch screen offers everything that is needed along with a design that is spectacular and with iOS operating system, the own of the Cupertino company. The panel is Retina type and the A12 Bionic integrated processor, so there is no problem with the highest quality content.

tablet Apple iPad Air

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus

The design offered by this device is spectacular, with an additional element that makes it possible to place it on a lectern and therefore enjoy content as much as Netflix. With a ten-inch screen, it integrates an eight-core Snapdragon processor so that Android works perfectly and the RAM amounts to 3 GB.

tablet Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus