Best converter programs & websites to convert MP4 to MP3

mp4-to-mp3Two of the most used formats in the multimedia sector are the MP4 for both video and audio, and the MP3 which is simply an audio format. Both are quite used and often separated for editing and then combined for assembly, as can be done in video editing.

If what we want is to convert a video file to audio, either because we only want its soundtrack, or a song which we only need the audio, let’s look at some options. We have here a compilation of the best programs and websites which perform this function.

If we are going to make a lot of use of this functionality, it might be more convenient for us to use a program, but if on the contrary we are going to make little use of these tools, the use of web pages for conversions is very appropriate.

The best MP4 to MP3 converters to download

A highly recommended option if we are going to make continuous use of this function, is to download a program which will always be more stable and will not require bandwidth in most cases.

Wondershare UniConverter

This program is one of the best, since it has a well-maintained appearance, multiple functions, and not only allows us to convert from MP4 to MP3 , but also many more formats to each other. In addition, it has several tools for audio processing, and the possibility of burning discs, among other options. What can be an inconvenience for users with this program, is that it is not completely free, but has a free trial version .

Wondershare Uniconverter


Video Converter Any Format

This application is widely used and increasingly known. We had talked about it before, which is quite complete, and not only do we have the typical audio and video formats, but we also have more variety. The conversion is quite fast, and an interesting section is that it allows us in the video formats to choose its resolution. We can highlight that it is a free program and that we have it available in the Microsoft Store .

Being available in the Microsoft store, this is the one in charge of installing the program and we will avoid this process and the possible installation of advertising on our equipment.

any convert

Any Video Converter,Video To Mp3,Total Video Converter

Very simple converter, which allows us to extract the audio from any video. In addition, we have the conversion into multiple very common formats. With just a few clicks we have available the conversion of our video to audio, thanks to the fact that the interface it has is quite friendly and easy to use. As was the case with the previous application, it is also available in the Microsoft Store. In this way we will not worry about the external installation process.

total video

Format Factory

This tool is very complete, since it allows us to convert any file, be it audio, video, image, documents and others. All formats are organized by categories so that we can choose from their simple selection.

Once we choose this format, it will ask us to choose the file we want to convert, start it and we will have the file converted. Its use is recommended for anyone, both without knowledge and for more advanced users.

conversor format factory


Freemake Video Converter

This converter has been with us for a while now and we are sure that its use will be very simple and efficient. We have organized the different possibilities of files that we can add, and it is not necessary to indicate the exact format of our file, we add it and select the conversion to MP3. With these simple steps, we would have done the conversion and the file ready for playback with good quality.



The best web converters to convert MP4 to MP3

This option is widely used by users, since it allows us to convert different formats almost instantly and for free. What will depend on us is depending on the Internet speed we have, since the process will be faster or slower.

Online audio converter

This website has a very simple design, as does its tool, but which in turn offers us very interesting options such as modifying the “Bit Rate” or the “Sample Rate”, among other options.

Online audio converter: Access here

Convertir audio online


This website has opted for a modern design that leaves no one indifferent. In addition, its tool is quite simple and complete at the same time, since it allows us to import files from Drive, Dropbox, or even through a URL .

We can say that this website is one of the most complete and that it offers more conversion options. The maximum size for converting a file without registering is 100 MB.

Convertio web

Convert: Access here


Web quite complete and with very well distributed options. It allows us to open a file from our computer, or open it from a URL. Its operation is simple and works the same with the other formats. We choose the type of output format once we have opened the file, we can modify our file with the options they give us to interact, and we start the conversion. The conversion process will appear to know the approximate time of said process.

Aconvert web

Aconvert: Access from here