Speakers or sound bar, which is better for gaming on PC?

It is quite common that, when you are buying peripherals for your PC, you buy a speaker system to enjoy the sound. However, in recent years sound bars, which were once used only in Home Cinema, have become very fashionable, especially for gaming computers designed to fully enjoy games. So, is it worth buying a soundbar to play games on your PC, or is it better to stick with good speakers ? Let’s see it.

Despite the fact that, when it comes to sound on PC, most modern motherboards already give us various connectivity options, the first thing is that you make sure that your PC has the audio output that the equipment requires. of sound that you intend to buy. And it is that it is not the same to connect the audio by digital S/PDIF than by analog minijack, or even by HDMI.

Speakers or sound bar, which is better for gaming on PC

Sound bar or speakers, advantages and disadvantages

A sound bar is, in essence, a set of speakers that have been integrated into the same body. For this reason, it does not have to give you a better or worse sound on the PC, although it is true that since physically the speakers usually have a larger resonance box, they can deliver better quality in bass tones especially. However, with equal sound quality, the advantages and disadvantages of each type will be what make you decide on one or the other option.

Barra de sonido

Advantages of sound bars

The main advantage of soundbars is their size : despite being quite long and therefore having a good size, they actually take up less space on the table than a pair of speakers since they are usually placed under the monitor and barely you realize they are there, as long as your table is wide enough. This means that they leave you with a lot more space on the table than putting two or even five speakers, since soundbars can integrate surround audio without problem too.

Altavoces 2.1 vs barra de sonido

Another advantage of sound bars is that they generally only have two cables : the power cable and the audio connection cable to the PC. On the contrary, the speakers also have connections between themselves, and in 5.1 or 7.1 speaker systems we are already talking about a considerable number of connectors. The last advantage is that, as a general rule, they are usually cheaper than speakers.

Advantages of loudspeakers

As a general rule, and although the sound quality of the bars is surprisingly good, the speakers almost always offer a better sound quality because, being larger, they have a better and wider sounding box and, in fact, larger speakers can be installed on them. This ultimately makes the sound quality almost always better.

Altavoces PC

On the other hand, speakers are often more flexible than soundbars in the sense that you put the bar under the monitor and that’s it, but speakers give you more flexibility to place them where it suits you best, or even if you’re studying a bit the positioning, place them in the best position to have surround sound.

What should you buy to play on your PC?

Taking into account that we are talking about gaming on the PC and not about products for audiophiles who are looking for the best sound quality at all costs, the correct option in this case would be the sound bars , since they win in the aspects that matter the most. in this area: they take up less space, are cheaper, and are easier to place and connect.

In addition, the audio quality of the sound bars is more than enough to be able to fully enjoy games and even music and movies, especially if you have the PC in a room and not in a very large room, as you can be the living room or even outdoors.

However, as we have already mentioned, if you are an audiophile who wants to have the best of the best and you do not mind spending money or the size they occupy, without a doubt high-end speakers will give you better sound quality than any bar. Sound.