Battery or rechargeable batteries, what is better to use for the Xbox controller?

Xbox controllers are best if you want to use them for PC gaming, as they sync up instantly, no fiddling around. Xbox Series X controllers are currently wireless, but they arrive without a battery, you can choose to use batteries or batteries. Well, we are going to explain if it is better to use rechargeable batteries or batteries for the Xbox controller.

Without a doubt, the worst option of all is to use conventional alkaline type batteries. The reason is more for ecology, than for anything else. Alkaline batteries, once discharged, must be disposed of. They have the great problem that they are highly polluting and very difficult to recycle.

Battery or rechargeable batteries, what is better to use for the Xbox controller

Two very valid and recommended options

The element that usually breaks before in a wireless controller is the battery. Microsoft has decided in its controls to eliminate the battery, what ‘s more, it leaves the space for us to choose the option we want. There is another reason, and that is that the battery has costs and by removing it, they increase the profit margin per command.

We can choose to use rechargeable batteries or rechargeable batteries , there are both options. On Amazon, for example, we can find many battery kits designed for the Xbox Series X controller . Note that, for practical purposes, rechargeable batteries are nothing more than batteries in another shape. For this specific case, we could also say that they are two batteries stuck together and in the same package.

There is really no reason to opt for one or the other option. Currently, the power of batteries and batteries does not differ much. Also, the charging systems are similar , since most battery chargers already support charging via USB, as is the case with the battery systems for Microsoft console controls.

Both cells and batteries have a large number of charge and discharge cycles, so they offer very good durability. If we use this system, we are really being of great help to the environment for what has been said.

What are the best options?

We have selected one of each option, then everyone can choose the one they prefer. This is like everything, everyone has tastes and preferences.

Two 2600 mAh batteries with charger included

I must admit that I have always had Sony controllers, but when I bought my laptop I decided to buy an Xbox Series X controller. When I bought it, I was looking at what interested me more, rechargeable batteries or battery. In the end I decided on this set of two batteries that offers about 20 hours of autonomy and I am very happy with them. After looking a lot, I stayed with this one because it has a USB-C port, so I can use the mobile charger to charge the batteries. So far, delighted and without any problem.

EBL battery charger with 8 AA batteries included

One of the options we have is to use rechargeable batteries, which can also be very interesting for other devices, such as the remote control of the TV. I really like this kit because it allows you to recharge AA and AAA batteries. Currently this kit is only available with 8 AA batteries , so we should buy the AAA batteries separately. The good thing about this charger is that it has an LCD panel that allows you to better see the charge and it can be used with a USB-C and micro-USB cable. So we can use the same charger as the mobile.