Solution to the main Android Auto problems

Solution to the main Android Auto problems

Without a doubt, one of the most useful applications that we can find on our device (or vehicle) is Android Auto. Google’s smart navigation system has an accessibility that avoids any type of distraction, but you can also find several problems in it.

These errors hinder the operation of the software, but luckily, like everything in life, there is a solution . Although the list of problems is not exactly short, quite the opposite.

Android Auto won’t start

It is probably the most common bug you can find in the application. Fixing it is really simple, since all you have to do is clear the data and the cache.

Borrar caché Android Auto

To do this you have to access the ‘Settings’ of the phone, look for the ‘Applications’ section, access ‘Manage applications’ , slide until you find Android Auto and below you will come across the option Clean data.

The app closes

It is a real headache for the app to stop continuously , but there is nothing to worry about. Again, remedying this problem is something quite trivial, since it is solved exactly as in the previous case.

Although to save yourself all that process, you can press and hold on the app, access ‘Application information’ and delete it from there.

Does not appear on the screen

Generally, this error is related to the fact that the user has not granted the necessary permissions to the application to function properly.

android auto coche

To check the permissions, access the application settings from your smartphone and activate them all so that no problem occurs.

Incompatible USB cable

Although it is currently difficult to find a similar case, there is a possibility that the USB cable you have is not compatible with your vehicle . If you have previously verified that there are none of the other errors seen here, perhaps the problem is due to the cable.

Recent updates

One of the most common problems next to the first is that the applications that can be run from Android Auto do not work correctly.

interfaz android auto

The solution to this is to verify that you have the latest version of Android Auto and the rest of the software compatible with the Google app.

Can’t download it?

If Android Auto does not appear in the Play Store, you may not have the necessary version to run the application. In order to use it, your device must have Android 5.0 or higher , although the US company itself recommends using it from Android 6.0.

Faced with this situation, the only existing solution is to opt for a new mobile phone.