Guide to choosing headphones: models and points to consider

If we are passionate about music, surely there is an accessory that cannot be missing, such as headphones. In the market we can find all types and prices so it is possible that when buying them we do not know where to start. That is why today we are going to help you with this complete guide where we will learn everything we need to know and take into account before deciding on one or the other.

Choosing headphones that suit us and are exactly what we need can be a complex task. In the market we find a large number of different models to choose from. For this reason, today we have decided with this guide to make choosing the perfect headphones for each type of user a simpler task, depending on our use and its functionalities.

Guide to choosing headphones: models and points to consider

Are you sure you need others?

Currently, the use of any type of headphones is tremendously popular, being an almost indispensable accessory. In general, we use it to listen to what we want privately without other people around us having to listen to it. Therefore, it is common to use them in public places, libraries, while doing sports… to achieve total isolation.

We may also decide to use it simply for its sound quality, since good headphones can make us enjoy a superior experience than speakers. Whether to listen to the radio, music or podcasts, it is common for headphones to become an important accessory in our day to day life.

It is possible that we already have some headphones at home, so the first thing we must do is if we really need others . Perhaps they may be old and listen very well, but they are uncomfortable or deteriorated. It is also not worth spending to spend, so if you really need others, keep reading and we are going to tell you everything you need to know.

Take these features into account

In the market we can find a wide variety of headphones, wired, wireless, headband… so choosing the one we need can be a complicated task. Therefore, the first thing we must do is take into account the following characteristics in order to buy the best headphones for each type of user.


Frequency response is the range of sound that the earphone can reproduce, measured in Hz (Hertz) and plotted from the lowest to the highest cutoff frequency. Thus, the higher the range, the higher the sound quality. In general, the range of our ears allows us to cover all frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 KHZ , so it is important that the headphones we choose have this frequency response range. Thanks to this, we will reproduce sound with a higher quality.


The input power of some headphones allows us to know what maximum power they are capable of supporting from the source where we are going to connect them at a particular moment. Each player has a maximum output power specification that is related to the headphone amplifier. That is why, as long as the maximum input power of the headphones is equal to or greater than the maximum output power of the player, any measurement will be valid.


Sensitivity is a value that is directly related to output power, so generally, the higher it is, the better. However, it can not only directly affect the sound quality but also the well-being of our ears . For this reason, when buying headphones we must avoid exceeding 120 dB, because otherwise it is possible that they could cause us pain and even hearing damage. Headphone sensitivity is typically in the range of 80 to 125 dB SPL/V .


When we talk about impedance we are referring to the resistance to the flow of electric current . It is measured in Ohms and it is a very important characteristic, since it indicates the amount of energy that will reach the headphone output. The louder the better as it will basically sound louder so relative to the volume control a small increase makes the gain higher. Hence, it is important to differentiate between headphones with lower or higher impedance.

Noise Cancellation

One of the most frequent features in headphones and that are most sought after by users is that they have noise cancellation. And it is that the external noise is one of the main culprits of the loss of sound quality when we use headphones. That is why active noise canceling headphones have two microphones placed on both sides of the earpiece to capture ambient sound and create a canceling signal that weakens it. We can also find headphones with passive noise cancellation . In this case, noise is reduced because the earpiece is completely coupled to the ear.

While it is true that passive noise canceling headphones can be useful in low noise circumstances, in others they will not be of much use. The so-called ambient noise will continue to penetrate our ears, albeit partially.

If what we are looking for is to avoid any type of ambient sound, headband headphones will be the best for this. However, they are heavier and can end up being much more uncomfortable.

We must also bear in mind that active noise cancellation has a negative impact on the battery and autonomy when we have it activated. In addition, it is not always convenient for us to have it activated, depending on what we are doing. For example, if we are walking or running, noise cancellation can make us miss important ambient sound, so be careful when using it.


Last but not least, we find comfort. And it is something fundamental that we can wear them comfortably without being too tight or weighing us down . That is why it is important, the type of headset that we want to use, the quality of the pads and the materials that are going to be in contact with our skin. Within comfort, we must also assess their ease when transporting them and therefore their weight. In general, the ideal is that they are below 350 grams, so it is an important point especially in headband headphones.


In the case of wireless headphones, autonomy is another fundamental section since it is conditioned by different aspects. In general, we will be able to use them for several days in supra-aural models, while those that are I-ear generally offer a range of between five and eight hours. You also have to take into account some conditions that directly influence. For example the volume or noise cancellation activated. In the event that we have the volume very high and/or the noise cancellation activated, this will considerably reduce the battery, so the autonomy will be significantly reduced.

headphone classes

One of the most frequent doubts when choosing headphones is knowing what type we want. And it is that in the market we can find different classes, each one specific for certain types of users, so it is important to know them all and their main uses.


They are surely the best known class of headphones. These are the typical headphones that we have known all our lives because they go over the head with a headband that joins the left earphone with the right. They can be both wired and wireless and, in turn, these are divided into different types depending on the type of construction:

  • Open headphones (Supraural) : this type of headphones, instead of covering the entire ear, is placed on top, so they are designed to listen while walking or at home. Its part will be closed and they are used both inside and outside, which means that the sound quality does not stand out.
  • Closed headphones (Over-ear) : in this case they do cover the ear completely, so they are also larger and heavier, and in turn have greater noise cancellation. Their use is mainly conceived as studio headphones for professionals, although they can also be used at home by the most audiophile.

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It is the type of headphones that is most commonly used to use wired with an MP3 player or laptop or wirelessly via Bluetooth with the mobile. They are small headphones that seal our ear canal to make it difficult for external noises to sneak into the ears, which is what we often know as passive noise cancellation. It should also be noted that there are two types of in-ear headphones:

  • In-Ear Earbuds – These are placed inside the entrance to the ear canal and have no way of sealing, so they are considered open.
  • Intraural insert earphones : they are placed and inserted into the atrial canal, so they are considered closed.

Although you see many in-ear earphones playing sports, the truth is that they are not suitable for all ears , since there are not a few people who end up falling out easily when they move their heads more than necessary. Despite their small size, since they are located in the ear canal, insert earphones are designed to offer better sound quality than button earphones and isolate more from outside noise .


The use of wireless headphones has become a great trend today as they have managed to reproduce high-quality sound via Bluetooth without having to connect any cables to another device. This technology is present in both headband and in-ear headphones, making them ideal to take everywhere.

They provide great comfort when walking, taking the train, the bus or the subway without having to worry about the cable or if it is properly plugged in. However, they count as a negative point that they depend on their battery to work so you have to charge them, since the moment we run out of battery we run out of music.

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Sports headphones must have a series of specific characteristics. And it is that if we are going to carry out any physical activity, it is normal for us to sweat. Therefore, if we are going to wear headphones, it is important that they have resistance to both sweat and water. In the event that we exercise outdoors we will be exposed to rain, so they must be protected. They should also have a good grip so they don’t fall off during exercise and have a Bluetooth connection to make it more comfortable to use without the presence of cumbersome cables. For this, there are two most recommended types.

  • With hook : this type of in-ear helmets has a hook that is grabbed by the upper part of the ear, which allows them to remain completely attached. In this way, the silicone plugs keep the headphones in place and the adjustable and elastic ear hooks offer an additional grip to withstand all kinds of movements, even the most sudden.
  • Neck contour : especially suitable for users looking for freedom of movement when doing sports. The lightweight neck support style is ideal for running, walking the streets or working out without getting tangled up in a cord. These headphones come with a comfortable neckband that allows you to listen to your music comfortably on the go.


The gaming world has its own accessories especially suitable for those users who are looking for the best when it comes to playing. We can find monitors, keyboards, mice… and of course also headphones. In general, these types of headphones have the following characteristics:

  • Type: the usual thing is that we find headband-type headphones, especially closed ones.
  • Design : Far from the minimalism and elegance of other headphones, a variety of colors predominate in gaming, making them especially striking.
  • Ergonomic : they are designed to be used for hours while we play, so they are especially comfortable.
  • Isolation ability – They must be able to completely isolate us from our surroundings so that we can fully focus on our games:
  • Microphone : essential to be able to communicate with other players during the course of an online game with the best possible quality.
  • Backlighting : A very common feature of gaming headsets is the presence of backlighting, which gives it a more striking and futuristic appearance.
  • With cables : it is usual for gaming headphones to have a cable since in this way we do not depend on the battery.

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What do we want them for?

When choosing headphones that are ideal for us, we must ask ourselves what we want them for and what are the uses that we are going to give them. We will not need the same type to play sports as to play or play records in a disco. There are headphones designed for each type of use, as we will see below.


Headphones are one of the most important tools of a DJ along with keyboards and controllers. In this case, they must have special characteristics that differentiate them from the rest of the music helmets. These headphones must be closed headbands, with a transmission belt that allows us to coordinate the tracks and not get lost. They must also be very resistant and highly portable and especially comfortable to be used throughout the work day.


If we are musicians, headphones are essential to be able to listen to ourselves while we record , so they must have good sound quality. They can be open or closed type. The open ones are recommended to avoid sound saturation and to be able to hear everything clearly, so they are ideal for the sound mixing process. For their part, the closed ones isolate us from any external noise, which helps us to better hear our voice and improve tuning. In addition, they must be especially comfortable.

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Let’s just say that they are the headphones that any normal person would use and that can be considered a bit multi-purpose. Especially indicated both to wear to go for a walk, go to work or even listen to music lying on the sofa. In this case we would talk about in-ear headphones, preferably wireless and that weigh few. We will not need a great autonomy because the normal thing is that we do not use it for long periods of time. If it can be interesting that they have some type of noise cancellation and that they are comfortable.


If we travel frequently by plane, train or bus, we may want headphones suitable for these occasions, where we want to enjoy our favorite music during the journey. Therefore, it is recommended that they have noise cancellation to minimize the ambient noise of the environment, so they must be of the headband type. It is also very important that they are especially comfortable, especially for long journeys where we will spend many hours with them on. Sound quality is also important, so we are probably more interested in wired ones, although we can opt for wireless Bluetooth if cables bother us.

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When it comes to going for a run or going to the gym, we must also think about a very specific type of headphones. In this case, it is essential that they be of the in-ear type, since they are light and weigh very little and the less weight we carry, the better. We must also consider that they are wireless via Bluetooth since we avoid the presence of cables and possible entanglements. It is also interesting that they are comfortable and, above all, that they grip the ear especially well, to prevent them from falling and losing them. Therefore, we will look for a model with good support and that does not bother. Regardless of the model we choose, we must ensure that they embed well and withstand the stress of your activity .

Video game

If we are going to use the headphones to play, we will need them to be of the closed headband type and have noise cancellation so that external noise does not distract us from our games. It is also important that they have good sound quality that allows us to experience the game in the most immersive way possible, because the wired ones are ideal, since we are not going to move from the chair. Of course, they must also have a good microphone so that we can communicate with our friends during the games and listen to our instructions clearly and without interference.

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To work

Teleworking is becoming more and more present and in this case good headphones can be very useful. It is important that they have a good microphone so that the receiver can understand us perfectly, without noise or interference. If we are going to spend hours with them on, it is important that they are comfortable and do not weigh too much. If we are not going to move, it may be interesting that they have a cable, to prevent a dead battery from spoiling the videoconference. In general, those with closed headbands are the best options, however, here it can really depend more on our tastes.

Main brands

Once we know the main characteristics that we must take into account when buying headphones, the different types that we can find and uses that we can give them, we are going to focus on the main brands on the market.


It is a German electronics brand of reference in the headphone market. The firm is responsible for offering a wide range of prices and features for this type of device. It has both headband and in-ear, wired and wireless Bluetooth headphones. Its good sound is one of the keys to its great reputation. We will have models for almost any activity that we need and a wide range of prices.


It is an American firm whose devices do not usually disappoint. Not in vain is it one of the greats on the market , and it shows in its spectacular headphones. In its extensive catalog we will be able to find both headband and in-ear, wired and wireless headphones. They stand out for their construction materials, design and sound, so they are especially suitable for users looking for a mid-range and high-end device, so their prices are usually not very cheap.


This firm characterizes a lot among all the brands of professional headphones where they undoubtedly deserve to have a totally personalized attention. Shure has various headphones whose models are part not only of a semi-professional range, but also of a professional one, mainly highlighting the SRH series. They are usually mid-range and high-end headphones with quite high prices. In return, they offer good build quality, exquisite design, and tremendously premium sound quality.


It is an American headphone firm of Japanese origin with more than 25 years behind it, especially recognized within the professional world , especially for DJs, since they offer products with excellent sound quality, superior durability and functionality. That is why its main products are related to equipment for DJs and clubs, as well as professional audio equipment, They also have music production tools to meet the needs of producers, creators and artists, and applications and services for those fans of music. dance music.


Austrian company that currently belongs to Samsung and is responsible for manufacturing audio accessories (microphones and headphones) for professionals. This brand has always been committed to research and technological development in relation to audio and for this reason, it has traditionally been a symbol of quality and is a leading brand in the sector. It has all kinds of headphones, both headbands and in-ear, wired and wireless with different models and prices for all types of users. Its price depends on the quality of the product that we are going to acquire, the higher the quality, the higher its price.


The firm of the bitten apple is not only famous for its iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, but it is also famous for its wireless headphones, such as AirPods. These in-ear headphones were pioneers and one of the most imitated worldwide . These headphones are designed by Apple itself, and the quality of their sound is simply spectacular, allowing you to get from the deepest bass to all the nuances of audio. It also recently has some headband headphones known as the AirPods Max that have surprised both their quality and their high price.


The Korean firm also has a good catalog of headphones, especially wireless in-ear headphones found within its Galaxy range. All of them are considered high-end and have good sound quality. Although they are somewhat expensive headphones, the truth is that they drop in price quite quickly, so it is possible to find some models with great discounts. It is also possible to find low-priced mid-range wired earbuds at cheaper prices.

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The popular Chinese firm is characterized by having a very wide catalog of products, and of course the headphones cannot be missing. They have preferably opted for the wireless in-ear tupos that have become so fashionable today. Here the Redmi Buds 3 and the Mi True Wireless stand out, among others. We can also find some low-end wired headphones and mid-range Bluetooth headsets. If this brand is characterized by something, it is the good quality/price ratio of its products .

Online shopping tricks

Once we are clear about everything related to the headphones and we are clear about which ones we want to buy, everything that has to do with the purchase process begins, which is also very important.

big price difference

In general, the big brands usually put an RRP for their headphones, although later, depending on the store that sells them, this price can vary considerably . That is why it is important that we look for the product in different stores to see and compare prices. We have very important websites to buy online such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Worten or PcComponentes, among others. Investigating well can save us a lot of money on your purchase.

Opinions for all tastes

It never hurts to hear the opinion of those who have bought the headphones we want before us. In this way we can know if they really offer what we expect from them. And it is possible that they have the backing of a large firm, offer good features and promise great results, but for whatever reason they have not left their buyers happy. This can make us rethink your purchase and be able to choose other models that have a higher level of general satisfaction. Websites like Amazon and PcComponentes have a large number of opinions from their buyers.

Second hand headphones

The second-hand market is increasingly popular because it does not allow us to access products that are out of our budget to acquire them for a more affordable price. However, for the use of headphones, it may not be the best option, especially from the point of view of hygiene . Headphones used in agent ears may not be ideal, although we can change the pads. Only if it is sold as second-hand, but without use and at a very attractive price, it may be interesting.

Buy the newest?

Newer headphones are not always a guarantee that they are better than older ones. In the end, the important thing is the characteristics they have and the ones we are looking for, so if it has been on sale for a few years, it should not be a reason to discard it. However, it is good that we inform ourselves (for example, through opinions as we have seen before) because they may have been on sale for so long because they have been a timeless success and are still being sold or because it has been a failure in sales and the brand does not know how to give them outlets. Therefore, if we search well, we are sure to find quality headphones on the market with time and at an increasingly reduced price.

Headphone sales

When buying our new headphones, price is a very important factor, so it is always good to be aware of the main sales times. For example, we have the classic Sales, both in winter and summer. In autumn we have the famous Black Friday, Amazon’s Prime Day in July and other campaigns such as the Day without VAT, so characteristic of stores such as MediaMarkt, El Corte Inglés or Worten. If we are not in a special hurry for their acquisition, waiting for this type of campaign means that we can get them at an even cheaper price.


To finish, nothing better than making a final assessment and recapitulation of the most important ideas and concepts that we must have to find the best headphones.

  • Think about whether we really need new headphones or if the ones we already have are useful.
  • Take into account its characteristics such as power, sensitivity or noise cancellation.
  • Analyze well the types of headphones that exist and which ones are best suited to the use that we are going to give them.
  • Remember which are the leading brands in this field, it will be easier to find quality headphones.
  • Analyze the price in different stores, check opinions and if we are not in a hurry, it is always advisable to wait for a period with offers.