Sky Replacement: New Photoshop Feature with Artificial Intelligence

Sky Replacement Photoshop

Although Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful photo editing and retouching program that we can find, there is always room for improvement. Especially when we have Artificial Intelligence on our hands. In the latest updates to this program, Adobe’s AI, Sensei, has gained great prominence helping us to better edit our photos thanks to tools such as Subject Selection . Now, with the 2021 version just around the corner, Adobe is ready to take photo retouching to a new level, keeping the skies in our sights in focus. This is Sky Replacement.

A few hours ago, Adobe introduced what will probably be the main novelty of the next Photoshop update: the sky replacement function . As its name suggests, what this function will allow us to do is easily replace the sky of any photo with another. The new sky may be one of those that will come pre-established in Photoshop itself, or a sky that we add to it, either original or downloaded from the Internet or from a photo database , such as Adobe Stock .

How does it work

The best thing about this novelty is that it uses Artificial Intelligence to simplify the process to the maximum. Thanks to Sensei, Adobe’s AI, Sky Replacement will automatically analyze the photo, select the area of ​​the sky and replace it with the one we indicate.

As other AI-based Photoshop tools do , Sensei will be able to detect elements that are occupying part of the sky, and will keep them as they are when we paste the new sky into our photo. In addition, it will also automatically adjust the color and tonality of the rest of the elements of the photo according to the new sky so that everything fits perfectly.

Of course, we will also have our own controls to finish adjusting the values ​​that the AI ​​assigns us directly and to be able to give our photo the perfect touch to make it look as original as possible.

AI Photoshop Sky Replacement

One more new tool that is used to the list of tools with Artificial Intelligence. Everything that years ago was worthy of a professional, today is available to everyone.

When does the sky replacement come to Photoshop

At the moment, this feature has just been introduced by Adobe, but it is not available. This is one of the novelties that will come to the program for the next version of it: Photoshop 2021, or version 22 of the program. If everything goes as planned, we can see this new version at the end of October, when Adobe officially presents it. And all users who are subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud can download the new version for free.

However, if we download the beta of Photoshop we can start using this tool, and test all the improvements and news that the company has prepared for this new release. We remember that the beta versions of Adobe are installed independent of the stable version, so we can use it to test this novelty without problems.