Shutter: a Software to Schedule Tasks in Windows 10

On our Windows 10 computer we perform a series of basic tasks and functions in an almost mechanical way, since they are actions that we carry out on a daily basis. That is why being able to automate them could be very helpful, something we will achieve with Shutter.

Serve as an example that actions such as restarting or turning off our PC , is something quite simple and affordable to carry out. However, if we somehow had the opportunity to automate this type of action, surely many would appreciate it.


Features and advantages that Shutter presents us

But not only to restart a computer is what we are interested in using Shutter on our Windows computer. Specifically for what this program will be useful for us is to establish a series of schedules on the Windows 10 computer, all easily. In this way we can program and automate actions such as shutdown, restart, disconnection, or equipment lock, among other things.


And it is that at the same time, in addition to these basic actions, we can turn off the screen, activate the protector, control the volume, play a sound or even run a program or open a file. To do this, the Shutter program makes use of both the so-called events and the actions. In this way, it proposes some of each category so that we can choose which one we want to program.

How to configure event and action scheduling

Thus, in the event that we need to schedule a specific event, we have to click on the Add button at the top. Here we will find a total of 14 options to choose from. In this way we will only have to select the one that best suits what we need. As it is logical to think, we can edit or delete this schedule whenever we want. At the same time we must bear in mind that depending on the event as such that we opted for, the programming parameters will vary.

shutter eventos

And the same thing happens when programming actions, only we do this from the second panel. Here we find 20 options to choose from, so as in the events, depending on the selected action, we find its configuration parameters.

In this way, once we have finished programming both the events and the actions that we want to automate on the PC, all we have to do is press the Start button. Therefore and with all these possibilities at our disposal, a wide range of programmable functions is available for use on the Windows PC.

shutter acciones

Versions and how to download the program

Of course, first of all we must bear in mind that this is a program that is made available to us in a free version , and another commercial version for a fee. Thus, to give us an idea, the first is more focused on the home user, and the second for a more professional use for $ 17.95.

Actually, the main difference between the two is that the free version of Shutter offers some limitations. Among those we see that we can only store a maximum of five events and five actions at the same time. Thus, to download the program, we can do it from this link .