How to Protect Redmi Note 8 Photos, Videos and Applications

We have all had to face times when we have been concerned about leaving the phone to a friend or family member , even when we have nothing to hide on our phone. We never know the photos that you can send us by WhatsApp and this is somewhat worrying, luckily for us at Redmi Note 8 we have several ways to protect our privacy, especially when we spend a lot of time at home.

To avoid these situations, we want to show you the tricks that you can follow on your mobile so that nobody can use it without your permission and consult the gallery, access applications or even know what you have searched on Google.


Protect your mobile with your face

The first method that we are going to learn about is facial recognition, a technology that is becoming more and more secure and has become the favorite method for many users. It is impossible for anyone to use it and it is also very comfortable for us to use , we just have to look at it and it will be ready to use.

desbloqueo facial xiaomi

If we want to activate it in our Remi Note 8, what we must do is go to Settings> Password and security> Facial Unlock and configure it in an area with good lighting to avoid errors. Once we have finished we just have to try to lock and unlock it, to check how we can instantly use it.

Maximum security in your mobile applications

To further protect our security on the Redmi Note 8 we can help ourselves with the complete Xiaomi security application, where among its options we find application blocking . Just by entering Security> Blocking applications and choosing the ones we want to protect, we will be preventing anyone from reading messages or accessing what we don’t want.

seguridad proteger apps xiaomi

Always navigate in incognito mode

Our mobile leaves a trace in the browser and the search engine that we cannot always allow to see, that’s why in the Redmi Note 8 and making use of the capabilities of its advanced 6.3-inch screen, we have the option of always browsing incognito mode . This is very simple, since we only have to hold our finger on the Google Chrome app and then hold it again on the option that is displayed called New incognito tab.

navegador google chrome privado

From this moment we will have direct, fast and secure access to Google searches, without leaving a trace either in the search engine or in the browser. Remember to use it and if you think it is necessary, you can also hide it, as we will show you below.

Hide apps

The next security method that we show you for your mobile is to hide the applications on the home screen, where we will have to resort to the Security application again to enter the application block and then touch options. As we show you, the option to hide content appears , where we will choose the apps that we do not want to appear on our mobile in full view.

ocultar apps xiaomi

In order to see and use them, we will have to make the gesture that appears on the screen with our fingers and then we can enter the pattern and use it.

Hide photos on Redmi Note 8

To finish, within the Xiaomi gallery we also have an option that allows us to protect photos and videos , we just have to keep our finger on the images that we want to hide and then choose to hide. They will be sent to a hidden folder where we can only access with a password and to access them we have to touch in the upper right corner and consult the hidden album.

capturas xiaomi