Should I buy a mobile now or wait until 2023?

You may be thinking of renewing your mobile and you are not sure if now is the best time or if you should wait a bit. If this still has some life left and you don’t have an urgency to buy, I will tell you what is the best decision at this time.

Taking the step at the right time is key, especially when it comes to buying a new mobile that for a short time difference you can save a lot of money.

Should I buy a mobile now or wait until 2023

If you find a bargain, don’t wait

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you find a great deal , you don’t have to wait to see if it’s better because you’ll probably end up missing out on a big discount that won’t come back (or won’t come back just when you need it).

That is why on many occasions in the offers that I am telling you about, I tell you to take advantage of the moment because the discounted units or the offer may run out. In some cases, the commented offers have a few hours or minutes left until they are gone.

Right now we are with the Christmas sales and the sales are approaching, so waiting for an uncertain future in which the prices of all mobile phones could rise is not a good idea.

Next year prices could go up.

Next year you can’t expect prices to drop, in fact they will most likely go up around the turn of the year. If we look at the trends of many companies, they have already begun to raise their prices and even telephone operators such as Vodafone and Movistar have already announced that they will increase their Internet and mobile rates in 2023.

You may not notice it so much on phones that have been launched, although you will have already seen the trend in more recent smartphones, such as the new iPhones that have hit the market with a skyrocketing price compared to what was expected. Although inflation is affecting us this year, next year it could be even worse. So do other factors like chip shortage, higher price of used components, etc.

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The major consumer electronics firms have already said that prices are going to rise in the next year and everything is going to be more expensive, including the mobile phone market. Mobile phones are expected to rise in price by an average of 10 to 20%.

The increase in costs and raw materials in all sectors also affects technology and for this reason it is not possible to think that next year will be better, but worse, and there are many experts who have been quick to warn of this fact. Therefore, the best thing is that if you are going to buy a new mobile, do not wait to do so, and if you find a good offer, do not let it slip away.

What is better?

If you can’t find it and you’re not in a hurry to make your purchase, you can expect to find the best offer by being aware with some frequency. Perhaps the best time to do it is a short time before the models that follow them are launched because that is when the prices of the models that have already been on the market for a long time tend to drop. Although the latter will be better, more recent and with a higher price.

In any case, it is a risky strategy and the best thing is that, if the price of the mobile you want is within your budget and it does not seem bad to you, do not wait to change your old mobile because later everything could be more expensive . What do you think is going to happen?