You should know all this when buying mobiles on Amazon

Buying at Amazon you can save a lot on the purchase of your mobile since they have many offers, discounts and advantageous conditions. Therefore, if you are thinking about your new acquisition, you will surely consider doing it on Amazon.

It is a fairly secure website where you can make your purchases online , although you have to take into account different aspects before taking the final step. I will tell you what I tend to focus on the most and what I take the most extreme precautions to make the best purchase decision.

You should know all this when buying mobiles on Amazon

There are usually many offers

If you are thinking of buying a mobile, you should know that there are usually many offers. If this in itself is good because you can save a lot of money when buying your new smartphone, it also forces you to perform a certain action.

When you find a good offer, use the search engine to find the same model. So you can find out if there is a cheaper one. For example, you may find yourself with a 3% offer when in reality Amazon itself or some other seller is offering a much higher offer, sometimes up to more than half. Therefore, do not stay with the first offer.

moviles oferta prime day menos de 300 euros

This also makes you have to know how to wait for the right moment . If the offer does not convince you or you expect something more, you can save, as is the case with Black Friday, Christmas offers and special occasions. However, if you find something very interesting, buy it now and don’t let it slip away because the good deals sell out fast.

Some can be financed without interest

If you have found a good offer or want to buy a new mobile, you should know that some models can be financed in several installments without interest. This way you will not have to wait until you have the money to be able to buy them, nor should you miss an offer because you do not have enough money at the moment.

Financiar Amazon

You can make the purchase paying everything at the moment or financing it with the most advantageous conditions, without interest.

Be careful with the seller

If you see a deal that is too good to be true, it may not be. Beware of sellers, because as you know by now you can find products from external sellers. So that you are not ripped off, it is best that you look at the opinions of the mobile before proceeding with your purchase and consult the seller’s history.

If this is Amazon you will not have problems, but if it is an external one, pay close attention to this detail. You should not only look at that, but also its conditions of sale , return policy and other sections, because if you don’t you can get an unpleasant surprise.

mensaje de amazon robar dinero

In any case, check how long it will take for your mobile phone to arrive and the shipping costs , and if there are more advantageous conditions for Prime customers if you have this subscription.

There may also be fakes

You should also be careful with counterfeits because counterfeit models are sometimes sold with mobile phones that have many sales or are much cheaper, but their quality is far from the originals. Amazon itself doesn’t offer them, but third-party sellers can.

estafa Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Actually, in many cases they do not say that it is the original mobile , but show a similar image and name to encourage deception . If you see an extremely good offer, check very well if it is the real model.