Why does a 12 MP mobile take better photos than a 108 MP one?

Surely you have wondered on more than one occasion why the iPhones continue to maintain their 12 MP cameras and still offer better photos than models that have reached the market with much higher resolutions, or why they have only decided to increase their resolution. in the camera of the new iPhone 14 Pro when they could have done it before and with other models that have been released recently.

The key to the fact that there are phones with 12 MP cameras that outperform others with higher resolutions is that megapixels are important to be able to print photos and enjoy them in a larger size, but it is not the determining factor in the quality of the photos. I will tell you a little more about this topic so that you have it more clearly.

Why does a 12 MP mobile take better photos than a 108 MP one

The more megapixels, the more realistic images

Taking into account that a megapixel consists of a million pixels, if we refer to a photo with 1 MP it means that it is made up of a million pixels. Therefore, a 12 MP photo has a better resolution than one with less because the more pixels the image looks more real or dense .

These images are made up of 12 million pixels. These are obtained by multiplying the horizontals by the verticals, so for example a photo with Full HD resolution would have a little more than 2 MP as it is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. You can make your own calculations.

The more pixels, the larger the photos that can be taken, so in order to print large images, a camera with many megapixels is necessary. If you are going to see the photo on your mobile, in a life-size photo, computer or tablet, you will not need so many megapixels and 12 will be more than enough.

Taking into account that 12 MP cameras can take very good photos , unless your goal is to print them in a large size, brands like Apple continue to bet on this type of camera. There are others that have gone to higher resolutions such as 108 MP or 200 MP.

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It is important to know that there are mobile phones that, having a 108 MP camera, take 12 MP photos. They do this to address issues such as reduced ability to capture light as resolution increases because pixel sizes are reduced. For this, the Pixel Binning pixel grouping technique was developed so that these are grouped and act as a large pixel. Thus, the photos from these cameras are 12 MP, which increases the ability to capture light and thus take more detailed and illuminated photos.

Although these cameras can take photos at a maximum resolution of 108 MP , this is only recommended if you want to print the photos at a large size, and for this reason they take photos with a 12 MP resolution by default.

The quality of the photos you take depends on this.

So far, we have seen the importance of resolution when taking photos and that a 108 MP camera usually actually takes 12 MP photos, but it is not the only relevant aspect on which the quality of a photo depends.

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Aspects that do are:

  • The objective
  • its opening
  • If there are multiple lenses
  • The sensors used
  • Algorithms for processing photos

All these aspects are those that influence the quality of the photo beyond the megapixels. Therefore, 12 MP cameras can take better photos than 108 MP ones.

Quality should not be confused with quantity, and although the megapixels determine the size, not so much the quality. This makes it necessary for you to check other factors. An iPhone with a 12 MP camera can take better photos than phones with higher resolution cameras because their phones are of quality and the company allocates resources to offer higher quality photos by investing in its hardware and software.

The camera sensors are the ones that mark the quality of the mobile photos and these are not exactly cheap . Therefore, a cheap 108 MP mobile is not going to offer better photos than an iPhone or a more expensive model with a 12 MP camera. This is one of the main aspects already mentioned that you have to pay attention to, although there are many more.

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If we value high-end models with 12 MP and 108 MP cameras , the decision between who can take better photos is more complicated because various factors must be analyzed and the different circumstances and conditions in which the photos are taken must be taken into account. . A 12 MP iPhone will offer you a better experience in certain aspects and other models with other camera resolutions will excel in others, or in the same way.

By having sensors of this type in high-end models, we find mobiles capable of capturing more light , even in low light conditions and at night. Also having certain types of sensors, that these are of quality, the opening that they offer you and other aspects are relevant.

The more expensive models offer better photos because they invest more in sensors, technology and other aspects that influence the quality of the photos. What do you think about it?