How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone with/without Computer

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Are you also curious about how to change the GPS location on your iPhone? Yes, there are many ways to change the GPS location on your iPhone. Usually, this is done using a location changer software installed on a computer, because this method does not require jailbreaking the iPhone. In addition to this method, this article will also introduce tips on how to change the GPS location without using a computer.

Therefore, it is not considered as unlawful to use a location changer but it becomes unlawful if it is employed in the perpetration of fraud or in the commission of a criminal activity.

Part 1: Is Faking GPS Location Illegal?

1. Personal Use: Although it has already been mentioned that some of the GPS spoofing tools’ uses are unlawful, using it for personal purposes like, for instance, to gain access to location-sensitive content or playing some game, is not unlawful in many places. However, it can be against the rules of engagements of some of the apps or services and end up being barred from the specific account.

2. Fraud or Spoofing: They became recognized as completely unlawful to employ fake GPS location to defraud other people intentionally or to perpetrate a crime in kids’ location-based games, online dating applications, etc. This ranges from fake location as with intent to defraud or flee from the law enforcers among others.

3. Employer Policy: Employers who give the device for work use often have GPS spoofing banned, hence using the device to fake location may lead to one being dismissed from his or her job.

4. Legal Restrictions: It should be noted that some locations might have specific laws against GPS spoofing especially if it is utilized in the unlawful or to hinder legal or government activities.

5. Impact on Others: Under specific jurisdictions, cybersecurity laws may apply, but assuming fake GPS location incurs harm to other people for example in approaches uses for emergency services or or altering traffic patterns for transport, then legal consequences will happen.

If one changes the GPS position to commit an unlawful activity, one is bound to face legal consequences. Thus, for personal use, such procedures are not unlawful in any way. Nevertheless, if you lie about your GPS location on a dating app, AR gaming app, or location sharing app, it is not considered breaking the law; however, you may violate the platform’s terms and conditions and receive a punishment for it. Thus, it is advisable to apply it sparingly so that the joy in changing the location can be fully felt.

Part 2: 3 Ways to Fake GPS Location on iPhone with/without Computer

Way 1: iWhere iPhone Location Changer

iWhere iPhone Location Changer is a location changer designed for iOS users. It attracts a large number of users with its multiple modes, smooth interface and cheap price. No jailbreak is required, just connect the device to the computer with a data cable to use it.

Key functions:

  • Modify Location: After selecting Modify Location, enter or search for your desired destination in the left navigation bar. Click the “Confirm Modify” button to update the device’s location.
  • One-stop Location: This feature allows users to design their own moving routes. Simply select the starting point and the end point, and your virtual route will be successfully set.
  • Multi-stop Mode: The difference from the previous function is that this function can select more waypoints. When you share your location with others, you can easily use this function to hide your real location and it will not be easily discovered.
  • Joystick Mode: If you play AR games, this feature can help you. It provides custom direction functions and allows you to experience AR games immersively.

How to use: Take One-stop Mode as an example.

Step 1: Go to the official website, download and install iWhere iPhone Location Changer on your computer.

Step 2: Connect the iOS device that you want to change the location for to the computer.

Step 3: Select “One-stop Mode” in the first box on the right, and your device will follow the generated route at a specified speed.

Step 4: Click a location on the map and select “Use as Starting Point” or “Use as Ending Point” to set it as the starting location or destination for the device’s virtual route.

Step 5: You can drag the points on the toolbar to adjust the moving speed and enter a number to set the travel time. Finally, click “Start Move” and enjoy your virtual tour.

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Way 2 Use VPN Surfshark

The next recommended VPN for geo-spoofing is Surfshark. In this service, they have more than 3,200 servers in 100 countries, and one exciting function is to mask GPS position. This means you do not require a fake GPS to prevent GPS tracking as evidenced by the fake GPS apps above.

Key functions:

Double VPN: Sends your traffic through two different servers, it makes it more secure and private to a certain extent.

Ad and Tracker Blocking: It blocks ads, trackers, malware, and phishing attempts into your browser which help you in maintaining a safer browsing environment.

Split Tunneling: Lets you select applications or websites which should not connect via VPN, which is helpful when you work with local services and use VPN at the same time.

Location Overlay: Make your GPS position fake, so it will be based at the place where the server of the VPN is located.

How to use:

Step 1: Once done select Surfshark App.

Open the App Store: Find the app that has App Store written on it and tap on it to launch it.
Search for Surfshark: Type in the name of the app in the search bar to locate the Surfshark installing page.
Download the App: Now go in front of the app and tap on the down arrow near to the Surfshark’s logo to download it.
Open the App: Once that is done, exit the App Store and then locate the Surfshark app on your device. To start using the application, click on the icon of Surfshark.
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Step 2: How To Create Surfshark Account

Log In or Sign Up: If already you are a subscriber, then you should sign in under this category of existing subscriber. If not, with the use of the application, you can register for a new account immediately.
Grant Permissions: The user should grant all the permissions to the app as required to run the app fluently. This can also go hand to hand with VPN and when there are notifications.
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Step 3: Login to a Server

Select a Server Location: If you use the Surfshark app there is the Country list where you can choose the location of a server. Select the place for which you are willing to create the connection.
Connect to the VPN: One has to press the “Connect” button in order to connect the application with the respective account. Your IP address is now concealed and the traffic to and from your selected server is being forwarded.
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Step 4: Optional Features

Override GPS Coordinates: For those who need to have no GPS tracking, yes, Surfshark can change it, and it will be like it appears in the server country.
Explore Settings: Provided that the user needs to fine tune the application, check additional settings like the Kill Switch or Whitelister , or CleanWeb for extra security.

Way 3: Location Services in iPhone Setting

It however does not alter the GPS position of the phone but only alters the location in the APP Store. It remains rather helpful to those who would wish to have preferential packages in other parts of the APP Store.

Key functions:

Access geo-restricted content: Such change in your geographical location is helpful because it enables you to get access to contents and services of other areas. For instance, streaming services of other regions, downloading apps from other countries.

Protect privacy: That is, your online privacy can be protected when you alter your location. This is helpful when, for instance, you are using your browser, but you wish to hide your correct location.

Increase security: It enhances security because it become[s] hard for the others to locate your where abouts or your real location when you shift your position.

How to use:

Step 1. Open Settings: Click on the ‘Setting’ icon on the iPhone screen.

Step 2. Apple ID Profile: Click on the circle next to your Apple ID that is located on the top of the screen.

Step 3. Media and Purchases: Go to “Media and Purchases” and then click on “View Account”, you may be asked to enter your Apple ID password.

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Step 4. Change Country/Region: Select Country/Region and click on ‘Change Country/Region’.

Step 5. Select New Location: Choose the new country/region from the list below which you would like to become affiliated with.

Step 6. Agree to Terms: To save the changes, click on the “Agree” button that is provided next to the terms & conditions statement.

Part 3: Is there any way of detecting Fake GPS Location ?

Absolutely, fake GPS locations are detectable via different procedures.

1. Cell tower triangulation: Using GPS and comparing it with parameter from close cell tower the authenticity of location can be defined. If having the locations based on GPS and they appear far from the cell towers, they are fake.

2. Wi-Fi positioning: Like the cell towers, the Wi-Fi can also assist in location of the device. Whenever GPS shows a totally different location from Wi-Fi’s IP location, then such location could be fake.

3. Sensor data: Smartphones available in the present world have many types of sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer and so on. If there is a discrepancy between the GPS and the sensor data of a device, then the likelihood of a fake location being reported might be high.

4. Temporal anomalies: If more than the normal rate of location change occurs in a device then the GPS location of this device may be fake.

5. Application-level detection: Some applications can prevent GPS spoofing through signs of the location spoofing applications or that can simply add extra checks.

6. Network latency and IP address: Latency and IP address information can be compared with the GPS location reported by the individuals.

But as it is seen in life, few people conduct professional tools and methods to test the location of GPS. Therefore, if you are to select a good location changer and ensure you operate it in the correct manner, your position will not be detected.


The benefit of performing the task of changing the iPhone location with a computer is that you don’t have to jailbreak the devise. VPN use mostly entails a change of IP location. Hey if you are the user of Pokémon GO then you also required a location changer if you want to change the location. Modification of location in the APP Store is rather irrelevant as it is useful only for those, who desire to install and use APPs of other countries. Thus, all in all, iWhere iPhone Location Changer can successfully complete the location changing and also can work with many software.