Why Your iPhone Charges Slowly and How to Speed It Up

Did you ever observe that your iPhone charges a bit slowly, particularly when you are using the wireless charging or charging it with a nonoriginal charger? This problem is most times linked with the heat and temperature of the device. With the recent update of iOS 18, users have noted messages like; “Charging has been paused due to the temperature of the device” and therefore, explain why charging may be slow.

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Ways on How to Enhance the Fast Charging in Your iPhone
The first factor that can influence the charging speed is the temperature of your iPhone. Charging, however, should be done in a cool manner since this helps the device to charge effectively. Here are some tips to help your iPhone charge faster:

1. Instead of Wireless Charging Stick to Cable Charging.

Wireless charging especially with MagSafe chargers or wireless power banks does produce more heat. To prevent over-heating especially when the weather is hot, it is recommended to use the cable to charge the phone.

2. Remove the Case

Your iPhone can overheat if the phone case it is enclosed in hinders the flow of air which cools the device. Not using your iPhone case while charging the phone will be of advantage because the phone will not overheat and the charging will be faster.

3. Do Not Use the iPhone While it is Charging

When your iPhone charges with the help of a charger, it also gets heated up and this in turn decreases the charging speed. Avoid using your iPhone actively when it is charging to keep the temperature low.

4. Don’t Leave Your iPhone Out in the Sun or Anywhere That Is Hot or Humid.

It is advised to charge your iPhone in a cool place and in a shaded area and not under direct sunlight or around any heat sources. This is because it shields the device from over heating and also slow charging of the device.

5. Use Original Accessories

It is important to use original products of Apple chargers and cables. Counterfeit products are prone to over-heating and decrease the charging capability of the device. To get the best results and avoid any danger, it is advisable to use original accessories.

Some Measures That Can Help in Charging the Phone Faster

If you have limited time to charge your iPhone before heading out, follow these steps to maximize the battery percentage:If you have limited time to charge your iPhone before heading out, follow these steps to maximize the battery percentage:

Place Your iPhone in a Cool, Dark Room: It is also important to note that; keeping your iPhone in a cool area is better for it and increases charging times.

Remove the Case: This helps in the dissipation of heat through the combustion gases to the atmosphere.

Avoid Using the Device: This will help in avoiding generation of more heat that may damage the components even more.

Thus, with the help of these tips, it is possible to enhance the charging rate of iPhone considerably. If you charge your device in hot weather, while using it, or via a wireless charger, your device will likely charge slower. They will help you to gain those several percent of battery life that are necessary for your iPhone to work longer when you are away from the power source.


Temperature is one factor that greatly affects the charging of the iPhone as to how fast it charges. Thus, by keeping your device cool, using original accessories and not using wireless charging in hot conditions, you will be able to charge your iPhone as fast as possible. The next time your iPhone is dying and you need a quick charge, keep these in mind to not be bothered by your iPhone charging slowly.