How to share the WiFi password with your guests

wifiWireless networks are very important today. A few years ago most of us connected to the Internet through a computer connected by cable to the router or modem. Gradually this trend has been changing thanks mainly to the rise of mobile devices. This makes the use of WiFi networks increasingly widespread among users. Today we will explain how to share the WiFi password with our guests. A way that those who come to our house can connect to the network.

How to share the WiFi key

It is common that on certain occasions we find ourselves in the situation of having to share the WiFi password with a friend or relative who has come to our house. It may also happen that it is the opposite case and that it is we who need to be told the password.

Through a QR code

One of the simplest options that we can use is to share the WiFi password through a simple QR code. There are different tools that allow this and even our router may have it integrated. We are going to talk about QiFi . It is a QR code generator where we can put our Wi-Fi network and the access code to share with anyone.

Its operation is very simple. We just have to enter the website and write the exact name of the network in SSID, as well as the password below. Then we have to give Generate. In this way we will generate the QR code that we can share with our guests.

Compartir la contraseña del WiFi

With that QR code we can do several things. One of them is simply to keep it on our mobile, for example, and be able to share it with other users easily. But we can also print it on paper and that any guest can easily scan it from their mobile phone.

Keep in mind that the guest will need a QR code reader on their mobile. This is something we can apply on both Android and iOS.

Share via iOS

This is something that is present for iOS users . If in both our case and that of our guest the operating system is iOS 11 or higher, we can make use of the Wi-Fi password sharing tool easily.

Our guest has to select the network to which we are already connected. Later we will ask for the password and we will be, from our mobile, who will share the Wi-Fi password. Automatically our guest’s iOS device will connect to the network.

Create a guest network

Logically, another option we have is to simply dictate the password of our router . We can also have it on a written paper and show it to our guests. Now this can be a problem for several reasons. On the one hand it can be uncomfortable to have to say the password, since it can contain many special symbols, numbers and mixed letters. But also for security.

One option we have is to create a network of guests . In this way we can enable it from our router when guests come. So if someone comes to our house you can connect and not have to enter the network password, but simply the key to access that network of guests we have created.

The steps are very simple. The first thing is to enter the router . Here it will depend on our model, but as a general rule we can access it through We will have to put our access credentials.

Inside the router we will have to look for the corresponding option, which will be WiFi Guest, Virtual Access Point or similar. Again it will depend on our router model. You have to enter any option that mentions generating a network of guests.

In addition, when creating a network of guests we can apply different options such as a maximum of connected devices, assign a bandwidth, etc.