JustStream: send Chromecast from macOS easily

juststreamIf you use Mac, you do not have an Apple TV or a TV with support for AirPlay and want to play content stored locally through other screens, JustStream may interest you. A simple and complete application to send content from the Mac to a Chromecast, Roku, Fire Stick or compatible devices with its streaming technologies.

JustStream, a Swiss army knife for streaming content

JustStream tool

IPhone, iPad or Mac users know that sending content from their devices to an Apple TV or any other product with support for AirPlay 2 is very simple. The systems offer native support and you simply have to share it, select the device connected to the same local network and that’s it.

The problem is when you want to send content to other devices that support the streaming technologies of Google and its Chromecast or those of Roku or Amazon and its Fire Stick.

In those options, JustStream is the most interesting solution, although not free, because to enjoy all the advantages of the application you will have to acquire the license. But if you want to avoid using Chrome, for example, or gain versatility over other protocols, it’s worth it.

If you are going to use this function to make video in mirror or to send content from the Mac to other devices, you are not interested in that. And doing it via chrome may be enough to get out of the way at specific times. But if it is the opposite, if you resort or would like to resort to this option on a regular basis, the thing changes.

JustStream Chromecast

Once you install JustStream , an icon similar to the AirPlay icon will appear on the menu bar, a screen with a triangle at its base. If you click on it, a window will appear where you can see the different screens available and a section to drag the files you want to play there.

With the first one you do is mirror video, with the second you generate a playback queue that will be transmitted to the selected screen in question. And if you are wondering, there are no major compatibility problems here, any audio and video file is played regardless of the codec since it supports several such as .mov, .mkv, .avi, etc.

Opciones JustStream

In addition to all this, which could be considered the minimum that you must contribute to have a greater value and encourage the user to pay for the license ($ 19.95), JustStream has some extras that are very interesting when you access your preferences.

There you find that this utility also allows you to load the subtitles of the videos you send. To watch series and movies this is very practical, and also detects and loads automatically just having the same name and being in the same location.

Today it is easy to have televisions, set top boxes or similar devices that allow us to access local content. But if you are one of those who, mainly, usually use Chromecast a lot and you also have a Mac this application we think you will find interesting. Although you should already value yourself enough to pay for it. Although you can download it and try it out completely for 40 minutes.