How to Delete Your Data on the Internet Quickly

internet-privacyWhen we surf the web there is a lot of data and a trace we leave. Each time we enter a site our personal information may be reflected. The same happens when registering on online platforms or services. Many users choose to somehow clean all this trail we leave. This can happen multiple times. Therefore in this article we will talk about how to erase our trail on the internet using a couple of tools that we have available for free.

The importance of Internet privacy

We live in a time when our personal data and information have great value. Many marketing companies are looking for ways to obtain all kinds of information related to users in order to market with it. They could sell it to third parties or use it to send targeted advertising.

This can happen when we register on an online platform or have to use an application where you have to put data. These services may collect information that they could later sell to third parties or use for commercial purposes. This is what happens with certain popular platforms in the internet.

Privacy is a very important factor for users today. More and more people are choosing alternative services to avoid security flaws and that may put their data at risk.


How to easily erase data on the internet

Luckily we have at our disposal a series of tools that allow us to erase Internet data . At least we can delete the content collected in certain services when we have registered or used a platform. We can do all this for free.

We will show some of these services that we have at our disposal. In this way we can have greater control over our data and thus be able to improve privacy on the internet. We already know that it is a fundamental factor for users. We must bear in mind that there is no program that does magic and deletes us automatically and everywhere on the Internet. However, we do have different platforms that can at least erase our data in certain places.


One of those services we have available is SimpleOptOut . It is a website that helps us to eliminate our data in more than 60 Internet services. Here we can include different banks, platforms for online purchases, media, social networks …

We can unsubscribe and delete our data from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix or PayPal, among many others. Basically, what SimpleOptOut offers is a series of links to those and shows us instructions in case you need them to unsubscribe.

The objective is to give us the possibility of our data being deleted from those platforms that you accept. A way to quickly be able to erase all personal information that these services can collect.


Another option similar to the previous one is that of DeleteMe . Again we have a tool that offers a simple and fast method to erase information from the Internet in certain services. What it does is delete the information from different databases that can store it.

There we can find a way to stop our data from being available on different platforms and services on the internet. One more way to improve our privacy and prevent our information from being collected and sold to third parties for commercial purposes.

In short, both with DeleteMe and with SimpleOptOut we can get our data from certain platforms on the Internet. We may gain more privacy and ensure that the information we have given is not available on the internet. One more way to improve an aspect as important to users as privacy.