How to Share Posts in Instagram Video Calls

Instagram adds a new option with which you will be able to criticize the publications of an influencer with your friends and live if you want. It’s called Co-watching and it allows you to share the screen through the video calls that the platform offers.

More interactive video calls

instagram video call
Instagram is no longer that social network in which only photographs are published. For a long time the options have increased and you can already share stories, make direct, send private messages, etc. And although they may seem like many functions, there is always room for new ones.

The last function they have added allows you to make video calls with your contacts to see publications together and live.

The operation of this new option is very simple, but before, do you know how to make video calls with Instgram? It may seem like an absurd question, but there are still those who do not know that Instagram allows video calls.

Video calls were added a long time ago and are very easy to make, although accessing them is not intuitive at first. Especially if you are not one of those who use the network to send messages to your contacts or they send them to you.

To start a video call the first thing you should do is go to the messages section. This is something you can do by tapping the paper plane icon in the upper right corner or swiping from right to left on the main screen .

The next screen you will see shows your contacts and if you touch on one, a new window opens with the chat. On that screen you will see at the top the icon of a video camera. When you touch it you will start a video call the same way you would in other similar applications.

Now that you are already in the video call, the next step is to take advantage of this new screen sharing option to show Instagram posts to the person or people who are participating in the call.

To do this, at the bottom you will see an icon called Multimedia content, touch it and you will see a dropdown appear with posts and three lower icons to filter:

  • I like : with the images you have marked with a heart.
  • Saved : images you have in your collections
  • Browse : to search for any post within Instagram.

When you have selected the publication you want to show, it will appear directly on your screen and that of the participating people. You will see that the publication takes up more space, so that you can see it in detail and the video of yourself and the rest of people is reduced in size as it has less prominence at that time.

It’s so easy and simple to use this new Instagram feature that not only offers a more interactive experience in video calls, it is also a good way to retain the user even more on the platform. Of course, how or what you use it is already up to you, you can use it to share your own publications or to criticize those of those influencers you follow.