How to Set Google as home Page in Chrome, Firefox, Edge

The best known and most used website is, without a doubt, Google. With the rise of the Internet, the giant search engine has become the entry point to the Internet for most users. It is the first website that we visit when we open the browser, and through which we reach the destination we are looking for. Many browsers use Google as their home page by default. And, if not, we can change it by hand very easily to configure this page as a search engine.

When we install a web browser from scratch, unless it is a browser that wants to get away from Google and respect the privacy of users (such as, for example, Tor Browser), or Edge in the case of Microsoft (which is betting on Bing, its own search engine) practically everyone uses Google as the main page . However, this main page can be modified, either manually in case you want to use another search engine , or inadvertently, due to malware or a malicious extension that has changed this setting without our permission.

Set Google as home Page in Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Therefore, below we explain how we can configure the main web browsers on the market to use Google as the main page and default search engine.

Use Google as the start page in Chrome

Chrome is the official browser of this company. Therefore, your browser will be configured as the default browser and as the main home page. In case when opening the browser another page appears by default, what we must do is go to the browser Settings menu, and in the left panel select the “When opening” section. We can also get here directly by typing the following in the address bar:


Here we will be able to choose how we want the browser to behave when it is opened. We can use the new tab page of Chrome (which is similar to the search engine), or choose the option of “Open a specific page or a set of pages”, adding as the main page the search engine, that is, .

Añadir Google a página de inicio en Chrome

And we must also configure the default search engine so that, when writing in the address bar, it searches directly on this website instead of using other pages. To do this, from the Configuration menu of the browser that we have just seen, we must look for the “Search engine” section on the left, and in the “Search engine used in the address bar” section, select that we want to use Google.

Usar Google como buscador por defecto en Chrome

Ready. From now on, when we open the browser, the Google page will automatically appear and, in addition, when making queries from the address bar, they will be made through this search engine.

Put Google as default search engine in Firefox

Users who care about their privacy, instead of Chrome usually opt for Firefox, the Mozilla browser. By default, this browser also uses Google as the default homepage and search engine. But, as with Chrome, this configuration can be lost for different reasons. And, therefore, we will see how to configure it correctly.

To do this, we must go to the Configuration section of the browser, specifically to the “Start” section on the left. We can get here directly by typing in the address bar:


Here we will find a section called “New windows and tabs”. Here, in the section “Home page and new windows” we will have to select that we want to use a custom URL, and enter the Google address in the box that appears. And, if we want, we can also change the behavior of the new tabs.

Establecer Google como página por defecto de Firefox

After configuring the browser’s home page, let’s see how we can configure Firefox to use this default search engine when we make a query from the search bar. These settings can be changed by clicking on the “Search” section of the menu on the left, although we can also get there directly by typing the following in the address bar:


Here, we will place ourselves in the “Default search engine” section, and in the list of engines that come we will choose the one we want to use. And ready.

Cambiar motor búsqueda Firefox por Google

From now on, Google will be both the main page of Firefox and the search engine used by default.

Google the Edge homepage

Edge is the default Microsoft web browser included in Windows 10. This browser is based on Chromium, that is, it uses the same engine as Chrome. However, Microsoft has modified it so that the main page, and the default search engine of it is Bing instead of Google.

Of course, if we do not like the Microsoft search engine, in this browser we will also be able to configure Google as the home page. To do this, the first thing we will do is open the browser and enter the configuration menu. In the list of options that appear on the left we will choose “At the beginning”. We can also get here directly by typing in the address bar:


Here we will simply select the option “Open a specific page or pages”, click on “Add a new page”, and enter its URL in the search box that appears.

Google como página de inicio en Edge

Now we only have to configure the address bar so that searches are carried out in this search engine instead of in Bing. To do this, simply write the following in the address bar to reach the search configuration section:


Here, in the ” Search engine used in the address bar ” box, we will simply select the engine we want to use and that’s it.

Motor de búsqueda Google en Edge

From now on, the browser will use this configuration whenever we use it.

Make Google your Tor Browser homepage

This may not make much sense, as Tor Browser is a privacy- focused web browser and Google is quite the opposite. For this reason, this browser comes by default with DuckDuckGo configured as a search engine. But in case you want to change it, we will be able to do it without problems.

Tor Browser is based on Firefox. Therefore, the process to change the search engine and the home page of this browser is practically the same as for Firefox itself.

Página principal Google en Tor Browser

Change engine and default page in Opera

Opera is another well-known and widely used browser among users looking for a quality alternative to previous browsers. This also allows us to customize the search engine and the search engine that we want to use, although, by default, it is already using Google.

To do this, we simply have to access the browser settings, and within the options we will find a section called “Search engine”. Here we must indicate which search engine we want to use.

Opera - Motor de búsqueda

And we must also change, in a similar way to Chrome and Edge, the type of home page that we want to configure, manually entering the Google URL in the browser so that this is the first page that loads when opening it.

Opera - Página de inicio del navegador

Thus, when we open this browser again, this default browser will open and we can start making our queries.