How to See if a Web Page Uses the HTTP/3 Protocol

Internet services, the pages we visit on a daily basis, network protocols, change periodically, are updated and improved. This allows us to navigate more safely, have greater speed, quality and, ultimately, obtain better performance. In this article we are going to focus on HTTP / 3 . We are going to talk about this protocol and we will see how to know if a website uses it.

What is the HTTP / 3 protocol

First, we will explain what is the HTTP / 3 protocol, or previously known as the QUIC transport protocol. We can say that it is the successor of HTTP / 2 and includes interesting improvements.

See if a Web Page Uses the HTTP/3 Protocol

It is the third version of the Hyperlink Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It is used for the exchange of information on the web. At the moment not all browsers have support, although the most important ones do. Also keep in mind that there are still few pages that use it.

This protocol includes significant improvements in both performance and security. It makes surfing the net smoother and faster, uses the default TLS 1.3 encryption, and also reduces latency. The latter is very important in certain circumstances.

Basically we can say that as it happens with each update and new version we will find improvements. This is something that is always present on the net. We will always find new tools and services that facilitate our day to day.

How to know if a website uses HTTP / 3

Now, if we return to the objective of this article, we will explain how we can know if a website is using the HTTP / 3 protocol . As we have indicated, not many websites use this protocol today, although that number will increase considerably in the near future.

To know what protocol a web page uses, we can make use of different tools. We are going to show some free platforms that give us this information in a simple and fast way.

GeekFlare HTTP / 3 Test

One of the options we have is the free GeekFlare tool called HTTP / 3. It is a web page where we can put any domain and check if it is using this protocol or not. We will see it in a simple and fast way.

If we enter a website that does not have this protocol, it will show us visually with a cross, as well as expanded information below.

On the other hand, if that website is using the HTTP / 3 protocol, it will show us an image as we see below. It will also give us more detailed information about it.

Ver si una página web usa HTTP/3

To use this free GeekFlare tool we simply have to enter its website . It is a quick and easy process. Simply click on check and wait a few seconds. It will automatically give us the information.

HTTP / 3 Check

Another very similar tool is HTTP / 3 Check . Its operation is the same, since you simply have to put the URL of the domain that we want to check and give Check. We have to wait a few seconds and it will give us the expected information.

If that website uses the HTTP / 3 protocol, it will tell us with a green message. In case you do not have that possibility, a red message will appear where you indicate it.

Once again to use this tool we only have to enter its website . There we will have to enter the address that interests us and give it to check. It is very quick and easy.

In short, with these two simple tools that we have seen we can check if a web page uses the HTTP / 3 protocol. As we can see, it is very simple and fast to know if a site uses it or not.

At the moment there are not many pages that use this protocol, but over time it will increase. Security is a very important factor for users and websites must be updated to always have the latest tools and functions and in this way never compromise visitor information.