ColorMania: Color Selection Tool for Windows

For those users who are dedicated to web design, application development or any professional who needs to work with color, you will probably need a color picker application for Windows. These tools can also be used by ordinary users looking for a specific color for a font, theme, or wallpaper. For all this, we can use software such as ColorMania , which we will talk about next.

ColorMania, color picker for professionals

ColorMania is an advanced color selection utility for Windows , specially created to be used by web designers, graphic artists and application developers. It is capable of supporting various models and color tones , allowing us to choose colors from anywhere on our screen. It also has a built-in screen magnifier so that it is not much easier to obtain the desired level of precision.

ColorMania: Color Selection Tool for Windows

Being able to get the right colors for a unique and attractive design can be quite a difficult task. Therefore, this application can be a solution with which to preview, test, identify and organize color values, since it has been expressly designed for this task, offering us total control over the administration of colors. It can be used in combination with a large number of graphic programs such as Gimp, Photoshop, Illustrator, among others.

Supported formats

  • HTML color codes (Hex / CSS)
  • Delphi Hex
  • VB Hex
  • C ++ Hex
  • RGB values
  • % RGB values
  • CMY
  • CMYK
  • HLS
  • Photoshop
  • Powerbuilder
  • Transparent Android format
  • HSV values
  • CSS RGBA format

Discover everything the ColorMania tool offers

Preview panel

Once we run the application, its graphic interface will appear, very clear with all the visible color tools. In the upper left corner has the preview panel , a small box with the word ColorMania, which will be responsible for displaying any type of tone that we select. If we right click on the box we can customize the color of the text.

ColorMania vista previa

RGB color space panel

To its right is the RGB color space panel , which has a slider for the Red, Blue and Green color tones. To change color and its value, simply slide over the circle or use the arrows that we find at each end. It is also possible to select the box and add a number between 0 and 255 to select the exact color and hue we are looking for. In addition, it shows a small line on the slider as a color preview.

ColorMania panel de color RGB

View and copy the code of each value

As we have commented ColorMania has compatibility with numerous color formats such as HTML Dex, Delphi Hex, RGB values, among others. It is possible to view and copy the code corresponding to each value from the panel that we find in the central left part of the interface. From here we can also copy it to paste it in the application with which we are working as Photoshop or Illustrator.

ColorMania guardar código el valor

Save selected color to palette

If we right click on the color boxes that we find in the lower central part, an options tab will be displayed from where we can save the color that we have selected in the palette. Here we will see a drop-down menu with HMTL colors that list several shades of a specific color, being able to save a complete palette and reload it when we want to switch between them.

ColorMania guardar color en la paleta

HSV color panel

Just below the RGB panel, we find an HSV color panel, which we can use to adjust the saturation, hue and color values. If we click on the color wheel at the top right where all the three RGB color codes (Red, Blue and Green) are displayed.

ColorMania panel HSV

Color grabber

In the lower right corner we find the color grabber. If we click and drag the eyedropper tool over the color that we want to choose and select the color, the box with the magnifying glass will show us a preview of the content under the cursor, which is very useful for precisely choosing the color tone exact desired.

ColorMania capturador

Contextual menu

Finally, if we right-click anywhere in the application interface, its context menu will appear . From this menu we can paste the program to the top of other windows, as well as set the size of the design, the average of colors, the list of colors, among other functions.

ColorMania menú contextual

How can we see it is an application designed by and for a very specific sector that needs to work with different color values and that will find in ColorMania their ideal working tool.

Download ColorMania

ColorMania is an application with a Freeware license, so we can download it for free from its website , being compatible with the Windows 7/8/10 operating system. The installation file occupies less than 3 MB , so the installation It is done quickly. At no time do you try to make us install any additional third-party software. It also has a portable version . With it, we can run the application on any device from an external source such as a pendrive, external hard drive or memory card. Its latest available version is v.12 June 2020 , so it speaks highly of the developer’s update policy.

Alternatives to ColorMania

If you are looking for a color selection application for Windows and ColorMania does not meet your expectations, you can choose one of these alternatives.

Color cop

It is a useful color selection tool that will allow us to choose the code corresponding to any shade we see on the screen, in formats such as HTML, RGB, Visual Basic, among others. It also has a magnifying glass with which to magnify any area of the screen up to 16 times. The best thing about Color cop is that it is a free application that we can download from its website .

Just Color Picker

With this application we can know at all times the exact color that we are using at all times. We can save color information in five different formats (HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB / HSV and HSL) simply and quickly. We can download Just Color Picker for free from the developer’s website .