How to Scan QR Codes with Your Mobile on Android and iPhone

Little by little, QR codes have become a more used resource on a day-to-day basis, to the point that they have become a resource for viewing cards in bars and restaurants, as well as in many other situations. Most mobiles already include the possibility of scanning QR codes without having to install anything on the mobile, some methods that we are going to explain.

Scan QR Codes with Android and iPhone

Both Android phones and iPhones have the function of reading QR codes for a long time, to which are added the majority of customization layers such as One UI, EMUI, MIUI and Oxygen OS among others with this standard option. So that you too can read QR codes we will explain the process to follow.

Methods to read QR codes on Android phones

In the Android operating system and starting with mobiles that do not include any customization layer, we have the option integrated in the camera or rather Google Lens. All we have to do is go to the more section of the camera and we will see the access to Lens with which we will be able to scan all the QR codes .

leer códigos qr google pixel

Read QR codes with the Google assistant

This method is valid for all Android phones, since they all come as standard. We are only going to have to access the wizard keeping the start button pressed until the wizard wakes up or use “Okay Google” if we already have it configured. From the button that we indicate in the image we will access Google Lens and we will be able to scan the QR codes that we need.

escanear códigos qr google lens

In other brands such as OnePlus mobiles we have the possibility to read the codes just by pointing with the native camera. We will not have to activate even an option, in case it does not work we will always have the Google Lens method.

How to read QR codes on Samsung mobiles

On mobiles with One UI as a personalization layer we have the option also integrated in the camera , but nevertheless we have to activate it. We will do this by entering the native camera application, tapping on the settings wheel in the upper left and then activating the option to scan the QR codes. Then we just have to point the camera at a code and it will allow us to open it.

escanear códigos qr samsung

Scan QR codes on Huawei phones

The option to activate the EMUI QR code reader is integrated into the camera since EMUI 11, in previous versions you have to resort to Hi Vision. We will only open the camera app and tap on the button in the upper left which will open the smart camera assistant. After using the code scanner for the first time, it will offer us to add a direct access to the screen so that it is always available.

codigos qr huawei

Reading QR codes on Xiaomi with MIUI

From Xiaomi phones to activate the function we will open the camera app and by tapping on the options at the top we will be able to activate the document reader with which by pointing to a QR code it will allow us to see all your information. If we prefer, we can do it from the Google Lens function, although we will have to activate this every time we want to read a code.

escanear códigos qr xiaomi

How to read QR codes on iPhone

On Apple devices the process is instantaneous, there is no option that we have to activate, not even a specific menu to access. The iPhone’s own camera using artificial intelligence will detect the QR code and direct us to the website using a card at the top of the screen.

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