FileRenamer: Program to Rename Files in Batches

Changing the name of any file is a task that is not complex and that we surely perform quite frequently. But, in the event that we have to rename a large number of files, things get complicated due to the large amount of time we have to invest in it, which can cause it to end up being a tedious and even desperate task. To help us with this work, we can have a free tool called FileRenamer , which we will talk about next.

FileRenamer, main features

FileRenamer is a portable tool designed specifically for renaming files in large quantities , so that you no longer have to go one by one changing the name. It will be enough to add all the files or folders that we want to change the name to the list of program files, specify the changes and click on “Apply Changes” to change the name of all the files or folders that are in the list.

FileRenamer: Program to Rename Files in Batches

This application will take care of renaming all the files, replacing their name with another word with the patterns that we have previously assigned to them. We will have the possibility of adding both words, letters or numbers both at the beginning and at the end of each word.

Despite being a program with an apparent simplicity, the truth is that it requires certain knowledge for proper use . It can be configured to perform many operations, such as deleting or inserting file names, you can truncate a file name to a specific length. It also allows you to automatically change the writing, apply a mask for files, among many other configurations that can be configured independently, both for a file and its extension.

Save time renaming files with FileRenamer

Once we have run FileRenamer, its main menu will appear, where we will have a view of all the available options. At the top it has a classic toolbar organized by tabs (File, Configuration, Software, Info and Help). If we look at the right side we can select the types of elements that we want to “Include”, (Files, Folders), as well as the “Changes” to be made either by “Name”, “Extension” or “Attributes” (Mask, Search and Replace, Common Replacements, Insert, Delete Text, Delete Character Sets, Attachment, Truncate, Rewrite, Write). At the bottom we have the button for “Add files”, “Add folders” and “Delete all”.

FileRenamer menú principal

FileRenamer allows the use of placeholders in all the mentioned functions. These placeholders will be replaced by what they represent during the renaming of the corresponding file or folder, as well as the time or their position in the list. They can also be combined with other arbitrary characters, as well as used within regular expressions.

FileRenamer marcadores de posición

FileRenamer settings

At the top we have the Configuration section, where we will find two important options such as General and Numbering. In the General function we can choose if the file extension starts from the first or last point of the file name. For its part with the Numbering function, which allows it to be used in all text fields together with the placeholder. It also allows activating the box with a number of files whose name change would result in the same name, being able to configure the Mask, the Initial Value, the Increment and the fixed Length with zeros to the left.

To start, we can select all the files or folders from the Add files and Add Folders button . Once selected, they will appear in the interface, showing their Name, Preview (of the changes that we are going to make), Status, Format and the Route. If we are going to change the Mask , we select it in the menu on the right and write the name inside the mask. Along with arbitrary letters and characters you can also use some placeholders that we can see if we click on Show placeholders. Suppose we write in the Mask “softzone2020”, we can see how the name appears in all the files in the Preview section without modifying. Finally, we will click on the Apply changes button, and we will already have the “Status” available as Modified.

Download FileRenamer

FileRenamer is an application that is freeware licensed , so it is completely free , for non-commercial use, and can be downloaded from the developer’s website . It is a portable program, so it does not require any type of installation for its use, and that we can transport and run from any external device such as a pendrive, external hard drive or memory card. It is multi-system, so that we can use it from computers with Windows, macOS or Linux operating systems.

From their website, we will proceed to download a .zip file that weighs slightly more than 1 MB . We will only have to unzip it in the desired path and run its only FileRenamer.exe file to start using the application. Its latest available version is dated February 24, 2020, so it is quite recent.

Alternatives to FileRenamer

If you need a program to rename files in batches, but FileRenamer seems too complex, you can choose one of these alternatives:


This portable tool will help us to rename our files in bulk. It also has the possibility of accessing all the content of the documents that we want to rename, so that we can assign names that are easily identifiable to us. Its learning curve is not very high, being able to get its full potential with a little practice. We can download Siren from their website .

FocusOn Renamer

This application is a tool with which we can automate the file renaming process for your organization. This will save us a great deal of time. Although it has a completely English interface, the file renaming process is not very complex, so it can be used by all types of users. We can download FocusOn Renamer from its official website .