How to Save Photos from Huawei Phones in the Cloud

We constantly see the problems that can arise with a mobile. Sometimes they are isolated problems that have an easy solution, but other times our personal data such as photos or videos can be compromised. Fortunately, Huawei mobiles have their own cloud, which although it is disabled by default, will allow us to securely store all our multimedia content.

Huawei mobiles with EMUI have Huawei Cloud, a cloud storage platform that offers free storage. In addition, it is one of the tools that Huawei will enhance in its new devices and EMUI 11, above other alternatives such as Google Photos. Activating this storage is very simple and it does not matter that we already have hundreds of photos or videos in the gallery.

huawei cloud

How to save photos in the cloud

In order to automatically save a backup, we will have to go to the gallery and click on the menu with the three points at the top right. Then we click on the Gallery synchronization option and mark the Synchronization tab of the Cloud Gallery.

huawei cloud

Permissions and dial data

Then the Huawei Cloud screen will appear and we will accept the permissions. Later we will see the elements that we can synchronize and save safely in Huawei Cloud, such as photos or contacts. As our objective is the photos, we mark only this section. Depending on the number of files we have in the gallery, it may take more or less time to finish the process.

But where is the cloud?

Once finished we can access our photos in the cloud, from Settings> HUAWEI ID to enable HUAWEI Mobile Cloud . There we will have access to our folders in the cloud and we will be able to manage the files directly. We can also access a space cleaner that will detect those files that we can delete.

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Options with more space

Keep in mind, that the free storage of these tools is 5 GB , although it is a capacity that will allow us to save thousands of photos, it is possible that many users need more space. In that case, Huawei offers options to expand this capacity. However, if Huawei wants to compete with Google Photos and other alternatives, it should offer an unlimited alternative in the cloud. However, this novelty if it occurs, will not arrive until we know all the news of EMUI 11.

huawei cloud precios

  • 50 GB: 0.49 euros per month
  • 200 GB: 1.5 a month
  • 2TB: 4.99 euros per month