How to Improve Battery Life on iPhone 11 Pro

The popular iPhone 11 Pro is one of the most desired smartphones by users, although once we have it, we can realize that its battery is possibly one of those weak points that we do not know. Luckily, in iOS 13 we have several options that will help you improve battery life and get to the end of the day.

Among its characteristics we find a 3046 mAh battery that may seem a bit short, although if we know how to take care of it and take advantage of it, we will be able to extend it. Its 5.8-inch panel with AMOLED technology will help us to improve autonomy, although in addition to this we will have to follow some steps that we explain.

battery life iphone 11 pro

Battery saving is very important in the iPhone 11 Pro

Within the iOS 13 operating system we have the possibility of using battery saving, a function that we already recommend to improve the battery of the iPhone 11 and that in this case we must also follow. It is not necessary to always have it activated, but it is very convenient to have it at hand in the control center to activate it when we are away from home and we calculate that we could have problems charging our mobile before turning off.

ahorro de batería iphone 11

In order to improve the battery of the iPhone 11 Pro with its energy savings, we have to go to Settings> Battery and activate the Low consumption mode . In this space we will also be able to know which application consumes the most, which are not really important to us and thus we can carry out the next step.

Uninstall everything you don’t need

It is likely that in our iPhone 11 Pro with at least 64 GB of storage, we have several applications that we do not actually use. This can be one of the determining factors for the battery to run out earlier than expected and therefore we recommend that you uninstall those games or apps.

Take advantage of the optimized charging of iPhone 11 Pro

One of the novelties that came with iOS 13 is the optimized charging function, which learns from our use and fights against battery degradation. Throughout our day and to avoid zero, we can use the 18W charger that includes our mobile and thus have in a few minutes an extra to reach the end of the day. To use this technology, we will have to go to Settings> Battery> Battery health> Optimized charge.

carga optimizada mejorar bateria iphone 11 pro

By activating this option, if we usually charge the mobile at night, the iPhone 11 Pro itself will detect when we get up, to charge the final 20% battery just before getting up. With this we avoid always charging the mobile at 100% during the day, something that can damage the battery and cause it to not last more than 2 years at full capacity.

Turn off everything you don’t need

In our usual day we use various functions of the iPhone 11 Pro, although when the time comes that our battery may not last as long as we need, we can resort to deactivating sections such as GPS. This is one of the most consuming and to improve our autonomy we can disable it completely or go to Settings> Privacy> Location to choose which apps can use our position.

mapa iphone 11 pro

The Bluetooth connection, although minimally, also consumes and if we do not need it, we can deactivate it. The same goes for screen brightness, we recommend keeping it with auto brightness on. We can do this by going to Settings> Display and brightness and so we will not have to worry so much about the consumption of our screen.

Is your mobile updated?

One of the most important sections of the iPhone 11 Pro is its operating system and therefore, it will be very important that we have up-to-date updates to improve the battery. In case of not doing so, we may experience system problems that consume too much battery or even applications that have not been optimized. We can check it manually from Settings> General> Software Update.