How to Save the Contacts of Xiaomi Mobile to the SIM Card with MIUI 11

There is no doubt that contacts are one of the basic aspects of our mobile phone. These were previously stored exclusively on the SIM card, but now it is no longer necessary. However, we tell you how you can save the contacts of your Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 11 on the SIM card .

With the arrival of smartphones, contacts have also been stored in the cloud, for example in the case of Android, in the Google contacts app. But you can continue saving them to the phone’s SIM card in a simple way, even on your Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 11 .


Do it natively in MIUI 11

If you have a Xiaomi mobile, you may have noticed that there is no way to store a contact on the phone’s SIM card. But in MIUI 11 there is a way to do it, as we have known from the forums of the Chinese firm’s software layer, where they have realized that there is a way to achieve this. For this, what we must do is go to the contacts app of our phone , as long as it has the latest Xiaomi layer.

Once inside, what we must do is click on the three vertical points in the upper right, and in turn click on the “settings” button . Now within this menu, we have to activate an option that we see below called ” show SIM contacts ” that by default will be disabled in these settings of the MIUI 11 contacts app. Once we have activated it, we will be able to save the contacts in the phone’s SIM, since now we will have that option from the phone’s contacts saving menu.

contactos SIM MIUI 11

Once we enter this menu when saving a contact, now in addition to being able to do it in the MIUI account in the cloud, we are going to be able to precisely choose to do it also in any of the existing SIM cards , even if we have two, We can choose to save it in both one and the other SIM . Therefore, in case you have the latest version of the Chinese cape, you will be able to save these contacts on the SIM card. We have tested it with a previous version of MIUI, and it has not been possible to save contacts in this way, so in order to enjoy this process you will need to be updated to the last layer of the Chinese.

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