How to Amplify the Sound of the Android Phone with an App

Many times, one does not know why, we find that the sound of the phone is too low. Even with the volume at maximum we realize that the sound that the mobile emits is not enough. Fortunately, once again we have apps to solve our problems, also in this case.

The sound of the mobile phone depends on many parameters, sometimes just by increasing the volume of the notifications, or the ringtone , it is enough, but there are others in which we cannot even enjoy an acceptable volume, for example when we are playing a movie or song from the phone memory, and the volume is still very low.


You can solve it with an app

Many times it is not that the sound of the phone is low, but rather it is a problem that the volume of the file itself is already very low from the origin , on that occasion, what we can do is resort to an app that is capable of amplifying sound beyond what the phone itself is capable of. A good option to do this is with a specific app. In this case we have looked at one in the Play Store called MP3 Music Amplifier & Sound.

MP3 Music Amplifier & Sound

Download MP3 Music Amplifier & Sound

This app is capable of amplifying the volume of the file that we are playing beyond what is the highest volume of the phone, which we consider to be 100%. By amplifying it, we can make the sound sound much louder. This app works with most music files, but in general with any audio file, such as a voice memo or recording of any other type. Well, once we install the app, when running it we must select the file we want to which we want to amplify the sound.

The interface of this app is quite simple, and as you can see, it has a large volume selector , which allows us to amplify the sound as much as we want. As you can see in one of the attached images, we can rotate the volume to more than 100%, which would be the maximum volume that our phone would have. If you amplify it up to 150%, you will be listening to the file more than half above the maximum volume. Logically, we must be careful with what we do in these cases, because we could damage the mobile’s speakers . The volume is limited by something, so we must always amplify the sound at least to a level where the speakers are not distorted. In this way we will be protecting our mobile from damage to its speakers, and of course, we will be protecting our ears.