How to Add or Remove Fog From Photos with Adobe Lightroom

There are countless tricks used to give all kinds of effects to photographs. One of the most curious is, for example, the effect of haze or fog, which allows us to give a point of mystery to the photos. However, abusing it can destroy a photo. Or for some reason a photo may have come out in fog (for example, if there was bad weather when shooting it), and yet we don’t want that photo to have that effect. Fortunately, it is very easy to control the fog effect, both to add and remove it. And all this thanks to Adobe Lightroom .

Adobe Lightroom is one of the simplest photo retouching programs we can find. This program allows us to make all kinds of adjustments to finish giving our photographs the professional appearance that we want to give them.

Within the retouching and developing tools, Lightroom has a series of effects that we can use depending on the aspect that we want to give to our photography. And one of the most curious effects that we can find is the effect of “clear mist”.


How to erase fog or mist from a photo

Assuming that we already have a photo with a fog effect and we want to reduce it, the first thing we must do is load this photo into the Lightroom program. With the photo already loaded in the program, the next step will be to select the “Effects” section on the right side of the program window and use the ” Clear mist ” slider until we reach the appropriate point.

Adobe Lightroom - Efecto neblina 1

Depending on the type of photo the results may vary. We remember that we are modifying the parameters of an image that, surely, is even compressed. We must play with this function, and with other similar ones, until we achieve the desired effect.

Adobe Lightroom - Efecto neblina 2

Once we have the photo to our liking, we export it to save it on the computer. To do this we must go to the File> Export menu and choose the properties that we want the photo to have. Thus we can save a copy on our computer and use it, for example, to upload it to a website or social networks.

If we do not export the photo, it will be saved within the photo reel of Adobe Lightroom itself.

Add fog to a photo with Lightroom

It is also possible to use Lightroom just for the opposite, that is, to add fog to a photo in case we want to give it this dramatic touch that fog gives. For this, we will also open the photo within the program and, again in the ” Clear mist ” effect, we will move it to a negative value, to the left.

Adobe Lightroom - Efecto neblina 3

We can see how fog appears in the photo we are editing. We can choose the fog point that we like the most by adjusting this value.

Adobe Lightroom - Efecto neblina 4

We can also use the rest and effects that Lightroom offers us to give the image the definitive and professional touch that we want. We also remember that Lightroom does not do magic, and this effect may not work equally well in all photos.

When we have the photo to our liking we can only export it to save it, or leave it inside the photo reel of this program.