Samsung’s Bespoke Home: New Smart Home Products

When you probably already thought that you had seen it all in this strange world of automation and the smart home that sometimes insists on creating products for needs that really do not exist, the tap arrives that you can control from your mobile phone or even through an assistant voice. Of course, this time it is not from Xiaomi but it is Samsung who has presented it within its range of Bespoke devices.

A smart tap for futuristic homes

Samsung's Bespoke Home
For many years we have seen how many manufacturers insisted on introducing certain advances in their products without really adding great value. It was funny to have certain connectivity options, but then in the day to day it is not that they were really useful.

However, year after year, there they continued to see how or rather where they could re-integrate features such as WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. And this meant that we were no longer surprised by practically nothing of the new that was arriving. A smart and WiFi pet feeder, great. A rice cooker connected to know when the rice was made, well too. And so, a long etcetera.

Well, when you thought you had seen everything or almost everything, Samsung arrives and says it has a connected tap that you can control through a mobile app . So that? Well, to be able to establish values such as the volume of water or its own temperature. Although it would be unfair to define it only as a tap when it is also a purifier.

Belonging to Samsung’s Bespoke product range, this smart water purifier is available with both one tap and multiple. So you can choose the solution that best suits your need.

Regarding the uses, the idea is that the user can control aspects such as the volume or the temperature of the water through a mobile application or even the Bisby voice assistant. So the experience is supposed to be much more rewarding.

Samsung’s Bespoke family goes global

Along with this particular tap, there are more Samsung smart products that will begin to be sold globally . All of them belong to the Bespoke family or product line and, according to Samsung, they have the mission of facilitating user use and providing them with the highest level of management possible through the use of new technologies.

Hence, they can all be integrated with their own Smartthings platforms. So that they take advantage of the connectivity options offered as they see fit.

Regarding the products that make up the Bespoke line, the truth is that there is a great variety:

  • Bespoke refrigerators, proposals that not only offer a neat and combinable design with up to 20 original colors and seven finishes
  • Bespoke Cube Refrigerator, a curious cube-shaped and portable refrigerator so you can keep fresh from soft drinks and other drinks to non-edible items such as makeup
  • Bespoke AirDresser, a wardrobe that takes care of clothes through better ventilation and even the possibility of “ironing” them so that they are wrinkle-free when you put them on
  • Bespoke ShoeDresser, so that the shoes are fresh as the first day, without odors and even dry if they arrive wet for any reason
  • Bespoke air purifier with different outlets to quickly renew the air in large spaces and also highly customizable in design
  • Bespoke Jet, a vacuum cleaner with autonomous cleaning system
  • Jet Bot IA +, a robot vacuum cleaner whose main novelty is the use of the Intel IA solution that, together with components such as LIDAR and 3D sensors, is capable of scanning the existing elements of the home to trace an optimal cleaning route

As you can see, Samsung’s idea is to grow its ecosystem of SmartThings solutions and provide the user not only with connected and useful products in their day-to-day life, but also with a design that is so sought after today when acquiring new ones. devices. Still, price will be a key factor. If you accompany, then it will be interesting to consider these solutions for more advanced homes. Meanwhile … well, we will continue to have light bulbs connected, a robot vacuum cleaner and little else as a rule of what is considered a normal connected home.