Samsung: New Smart Control Center on Mobiles with One UI 3.1

When Google launches a new version of Android, many of its functional novelties can be more or less adapted by different manufacturers. In those that have a cleaner layer, we can see them natively, while manufacturers with deeper customization layers, can omit them or even adapt them in their own way. Now it is Samsung that updates its One UI 3.1 layer to introduce a great Android novelty that they had left on the way.

one ui 3.1 logo azul

Google may be more or less permissive with the obligation to implement its news for its partners. In general, security measures such as new permission management or background use are those that end up in all updated terminals. But at the usability level, a layer like OneUI has a lot to say and can make its own changes. It is for this reason that we see how two terminals with the same version of Android can be so different.

One more “Google” control

With the arrival of the Galaxy S21, Samsung also announced a closer collaboration plan with Google. Those plans are now beginning to materialize. When the company launched One UI 3.0, the Koreans introduced a new smart home control menu , based on SmartThings. In Android 11, other terminals such as Pixel, OnePlus, OPPO etc … have the most complete power menu, with active Goolge Pay cards or controls for smart home devices such as lights. However, Samsung did not adopt this feature initially, although it has just appeared in One UI 3.1.

However, due to the Bixby integration, its activation at Samsung is slightly different. These controls are located below the “devices” button, which appears in the quick notification tone. When touched, SmartThings appears by default, but the menu now allows you to switch it to Google Home. At that time the user will have an additional menu to manage the applications and controls that may appear in this menu.

Deployment on more devices

The change is currently very limited, since it applies to One UI 3.1, so it affects the new Galaxy S21 . However, it is expected to be one of the most useful news for many users. Recall that the implementation of this version is underway, and will reach both many terminals already launched, as well as new Samsung launches for 2021. Being able to access more quickly the controls of the lights, alarms and other connected devices, is done each more useful and Samsung knows it.