Realme: How to Use the Calculator in Floating Window Mode

The calculator is another of the most useful elements that our mobile phone integrates. Nowadays, smartphones are a kind of Swiss army knife in which we can find almost everything, and doing calculations quickly is one of the most used functions. Even many users have their calculator always present on the first page of the desktop. However, Realme phones with Realme UI allow you to use the calculator in a different way , but much more comfortable.

Realme: Use Calculator in Floating Window Mode

Doing calculations of any kind is something frequent and even daily for many. However, sometimes it is somewhat uncomfortable to alternate between a document and the calculator to enter the numbers or to see what we need to calculate. Luckily, Realme terminals include interesting options, such as having a floating calculator . This adds an added convenience by avoiding having to switch between applications when we need to look at two sites at the same time.

Floating window calculator

In this way, the calculator app can be opened in a pop-up or floating window, which will allow us to use it while viewing, for example, a PDF or Excel document where we have the calculations that we need to perform at all times.

In order to enable the floating calculator, we will have to open the calculator and tap on the “square” button found in the upper left corner. Once done we can move the calculator to the side of the screen that we need and we can even slide the top bar in order to modify its transparency to our liking.

With limited functions

The only but is that being in floating mode, we will not be able to access the advanced functions of the calculator, such as the scientific mode. This mode is only activated when we open the application in normal mode and put the mobile in landscape mode. When we have finished using the calculator in floating mode, we can press the uncivil button again so that the window is maximized and returns to its original size.

Your other options

Likewise, it is convenient to remember the main functions of the calculator, such as the currency exchange, which avoids having to search online converters on the Internet. It also integrates a converter for measurements such as length, weight, power or pressure. Finally, an interesting history of calculations is included that allows us to see the accounts previously made, in case we want to see some data again.

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