Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Screen Test and Opinion

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Screen Test and Opinion

The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G phone has passed through our hands, a model that evolves quite considerably with respect to which it offers us the maximum possible data connectivity, and about which we are going to talk about the screen that it integrates. Does this offer a good quality? This is what we will tell you.

This is a phone that does not lack a large screen, since the included one has 6.6 inches . That is, it maintains the current trend of Android devices that seek to offer more than enough space so that you do not have any problem when viewing all types of content (including multimedia). The panel used is TFT type, something that may surprise today and considering that we are talking about a Samsung terminal, but it is true that the resolution reaches Full HD + so it exceeds that of the Samsung Galaxy A22. And this is good news.

Some more details that are interesting to know about this hardware is that this is a model that includes notch , something that is becoming increasingly less common, and that allows the device to offer a frontal use that stands at 82.3% . Not bad. Besides, we do not want to stop indicating the ratio of the screen which is 20: 9 , which is positive for horizontal use, and as we will talk later we believe that the star in the crown in regard to the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is that it has a frequency of up to 90 Hz .

Image quality of the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, is it good?

In matters such as resolution and, by extension, pixel density, it must be said that the phone we have used complies perfectly, since it reaches 399 dpi . This has allowed us to enjoy all Internet content with a very high definition , something that has become quite clear to us when we review the letters of the browser and, also, when we check how everything looks in the user interfaces of the applications. That is to say, it is fulfilled quite well here.

By checking how the phone screen behaves when displaying colors, we have discovered a fairly obvious blue trend . This does not make viewing content something that entails a bad experience, but it is true that all the tones are quite cold despite the existence of a slight oversaturation that tries to correct – not very successfully – what we say. If in the settings there were any option to vary this trend that occurs due to the use of the sRGB spectrum, the impact could be limited (which is not brutal either), but you will not find it as is usual in the company’s cheapest models. Korean.

A shine that gives what is expected

Without disappointing at all in this section, it must be said that we have not managed to exceed 375 nits at any time when using the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G. The brand is not spectacular, it is true, but fortunately it is combined with a very well worked contrast which allows a fairly correct display in many situations.

Does the aforementioned impact outdoor phone use? Not excessively, since if you exceed 350 nits in general you do not have much difficulty in being able to see what is on the screen outside the home. Of course, on especially bright days you may at some point have to strain your eyes a bit, as well as the angle of vision -which is very good- so that everything goes smoothly. By the way, the automatic adjustment of this parameter works like a charm with a good speed when adjusting to the situations that you find in day to day.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G screen options

You will not find anything especially “crazy” to be able to establish a configuration that is exactly what you are looking for on the screen of this phone. Thus, apart from establishing parameters of use such as the frequency to use or if you want to use the Edge Contents (which are shortcuts that appear on the side of the screen when you drag), you will not find many options that differ from your own. from Android.

We do not want to stop indicating that you will not have problems to be able to use the Dark Mode in the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G and that a Vision Protector is included that seeks to use warmer colors in order to protect your eyes (it also reduces blue light ). A good option is that it is always positive to use it if you spend a lot of time in front of the smartphone … especially before going to sleep.

Does 90 Hz justify everything?

Obviously it should be noted that the Korean company has included the possibility of reaching 90 Hz. This is good news, using this brand with content such as the Internet browser or some games, we have discovered that the operation is really good . Thus, the user experience is improved quite significantly.

Of course, the automatic adjustments that can be achieved to lower to 60 Hz are made correctly. The reason for this is that the applications that are active are detected quite well , but unfortunately there are no intermediate steps that allow us to adapt more precisely to the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G. In short, the operation is good, simple and you get what you expect.


It complies, with some problem than another, the screen that is included in this smartphone. The inclusion of 90 Hz for many can be a decisive attraction when deciding to buy this model, but perhaps the choice of a more precise panel would have been a more efficient option in search of better image quality (yes , it would be necessary to see if the price of 229 euros would have suffered).

We do not want to stop indicating that this is a model that includes L1 certification that will allow you to achieve Full HD resolutions when enjoying content from streaming platforms such as Netflix (yes, you will not find HDR support). In short, the screen of this Samsung Galaxy A22 5G seems quite good to us, but somewhat below the one included in the Galaxy A32 5G.