Features of the New PlayStation VR Leaked: OLED Screens

Features of the New PlayStation VR Leaked

If there is news that we especially like are those related to hardware, and if we are talking about console hardware, then all the better. For that reason you will understand that everything related to the future PlayStation VR has us especially in suspense, so the new rumors that arrive cannot excite us more.

A new generation glasses

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It seems that Sony‘s next virtual leap with its future PlayStation VR is a big bet with which to try to dominate a market that until now seems to be more focused on experiences and mid-range hardware such as the Oculus Quest 2. And it is that a large part of the users feel that the current virtual reality glasses remain in simple experiences rather than in offering complete games that feel like authentic bombings.

Well, the information that we share below comes through the YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole , a channel specialized in the virtual world and where certain important information seems to have reached your ears. The details would come directly from a private conference aimed at developers focused on PSVR2, a meeting where the new glasses were called NGVR (Next-Gen VR), a description that, far from being a tagline, seems to have the perfect ingredients for consider them as such


High-end novelties

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According to the details, also confirmed by UploadVR, these new next-generation PlayStation VR would have two OLED screens of 2,000 x 2040 pixels each with which to offer an incredible resolution in each eye, also enjoying HDR with which to achieve brightness and contrasts more accentuated and striking. It will be interesting to see this a few inches away.

The glasses will also offer a field of vision of 110 degrees, something that will work in conjunction with the peripheral rendering that we had already heard about previously, which will focus the quality of graphics right at the point we are looking at thanks to the eye tracking technology, freeing graphic loading in other points where our vision does not pay attention.

There is also talk of a haptic system that reduces visual fatigue due to movements and a finger tracking technology that will allow tremendous precision in the placement of the fingers of the hand, thus being able to interact more precisely in the virtual experience.

Glasses to play, not to feel experiences

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But if there is something that Sony seems to be especially focused on, it is the games with which it will make the most of the new PlayStation VR. The manufacturer seems to be sending the message that they do not want simple experiences that end in 30 minutes or constantly repeating themselves. Its intention is none other than to offer triple AAA games, and the idea is that the developers prepare two versions that you can choose from when downloading the game, the classic for PS5 or the virtual one for the new PSVRs. Something like what Capcom achieved with Resident Evil VII.

Another issue will be the games that currently exist for the current generation, something for which it seems that Sony would bet on remastering, and not on backward compatibility. This, despite being more work and more expensive, will obtain better results, and will achieve the main objective, which will be none other than to continue offering support to the players who bet on the new generation.