Samsung’s future Galaxy S11: This is all we know

We have only 3 weeks left to leave the year and enter the coveted 2020, and like every beginning of the year, Samsung will heat engines to present its new flagship. And what will be Samsung’s first major release for 2020? Well, obviously the Galaxy S11. And yes, if you thought it was still too soon to know anything about him, you are wrong. These are all the rumors that sound about it.

Galaxy S11 or Galaxy One?

Galaxy S11 renders

For a long time it has been said that Samsung is going to present a new Galaxy as a fusion between the S and the Note, but something tells us that that will have to wait. Such a merger would make sense if the Galaxy Fold were a successful product, which is not for obvious reasons, so we imagine that the manufacturer’s movement will come when its folding products are completely reliable and functional. Therefore, we could say that Samsung will continue with the nomenclature and will call Galaxy S11 its new device, but we will have to wait for new data to have a final conclusion.

This is the Galaxy S11

Galaxy S11

Have that name or not, what we do seem to be clear (or slightly blurred) is its appearance. Thanks to a photo shared by the networks, we can see how the new device looks like, a terminal that will mount a set of cameras placed in a rectangular highlight located in the upper left corner of its back. In this way, Samsung would abandon its classic linear distribution of its cameras to bet on a design that has been standardized in the market with terminals such as Huawei or Apple.

Galaxy S11 filtrado

The biggest battery ever used in Samsung

Bateria Galaxy S11+

Thanks to the documents posted in the Korea Product Safety Information Center, we can see what the battery used in the future Galaxy S11 + will look like. It is a fairly special component, since with a capacity of 5,000 mAh it will be the largest battery ever used by Samsung in a high-end phone (previously used in the Galaxy M20).

108 megapixels to not lose detail

Samsung ISOCELL 108 megapixeles

Among the many cameras that will include (which we will talk about next), it seems that there is one that will stand out especially among the rest, since we will be facing the famous Samsung sensor that offers no less than 108 megapixels of resolution. It is a sensor that we have already seen in action in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 , but that we are looking forward to seeing in operation at the hands of its creator.

5 cameras for all types of situations

Galaxy s11 camaras

It seems that the Galaxy S11 will have three cameras behind it, however, the larger model, the Galaxy S11 +, will increase the proposal with a total of 5 cameras . There is talk of a ToF camera, wide angle, a telephoto lens of 5 or more magnifications, the special 108 megapixels and we could find some macro or other special camera.