Quickly Access Windows 10 Advanced Boot Options

Windows 10 is an operating system that has not stopped growing over time based on new updates . That is why it has more and more functions than we can use, some more advanced and powerful than others, as expected.

And these allow us to get the most out of the operating system itself, as well as the equipment where we have them installed. Of course, there are some of these features that we don’t even know exist. Therefore we are going to show you how to access the advanced options of Windows 10 boot in the fastest way. In principle it should be mentioned that when we wanted to access the advanced boot options of Windows 7 , all we had to do was press F8 on the keyboard during startup.

However, the Redmond- based firm significantly changed this boot process in Windows 8 . Therefore, although we can still use F8, but we have less than a second to do it and many times it doesn’t even work. Thus, at this time, in Windows 10 users have to open the Configuration application from the combination of Win + I keys and select Update and security . Next they should be placed in Recovery / Restart of the Advanced Start section.

Inicio avanzado Windows 10

At the same time, those who wish to speed up the process can use a shortcut to load the advanced operating system options to which we refer. Therefore we are going to show you how you can do it in these same lines. To achieve this, we will firstly click on the desktop with the right mouse button, for example.

How to quickly access the advanced options of Windows 10

Obviously this shortcut that we tell you can be created in any other location of the disk , but on the desktop we have it more at hand. Then we select the New / Shortcut option in the menu that appears. Then, in the field where we must write the location of the element we type the following: c: /Windows/System32/shutdown.exe / r / o / f / t 00.

Acceso directo reinicio

Then we will have to choose a name for that shortcut and it will be created in the indicated location. To give you an idea of what this shortcut just created, let’s see the meaning of the specified parameters .

  • / r: Shut down completely and restart the computer.
  • / o: puts us in the menu of advanced boot options after restarting the PC.
  • / f: force the closure of applications without showing a previous warning.
  • / t 00: here we can specify the waiting time before disconnection, it is set in seconds.

Thanks to this last parameter that we indicate, we can adjust the waiting time if we wish before restarting the PC when executing the shortcut. At the same time we must bear in mind that this is a command that can also be executed from the command line without creating the shortcut that we have indicated before.

Once we click on the shortcut we have created, the system restarts immediately, so it is better that we save everything. Then and after the relevant restart, we will see that a new window appears to use a USB memory to recover Windows 10, or access the system troubleshooter.