Set up Xiaomi TV to get the best performance while playing games

If you have bought one of the new Xiaomi TVs with the idea of also taking advantage of it to play with your console or PC, it is important that you know how to get the most out of it. Therefore, let’s see what adjustments you have to make to obtain the best possible quality. Changes that you can also apply to your current TV and, perhaps, you did not know.

The use of televisions as game monitors

Although they have been slow to arrive, in a short time it has been able to arouse great interest among users. We refer to the Xiaomi TVs, a product that was eager and that we have already been able to analyze here.

The truth is that the work done by the manufacturer lives up to expectations. It is not a perfect television and knowing that the useful life of these is so superior to that of other consumer electronics products, it makes up for paying a little more. But if you bet on him we believe you are not wrong.

Still, what interests us is to see how to get or get the best possible quality when we use it to play by connecting our console. Why? Because by default the televisions are not prepared to be used as monitors and that affects the experience, although you may not know it yet. So we put you in a situation.

A television is designed to watch series, movies or the programming of traditional television channels. This is a type of content where quality prevails and as viewers we should only consume, nothing to interact with it. The same does not happen with video games and what is shown on the screen responds to the actions you take with the remote control, so the response time must be as close to zero.

In a television, to obtain the best imane quality, a series of processes and algorithms are applied that analyze the incoming video signal to soften it, improve its sharpness, fluidity, etc. All these processes delay the “drawing” of the image on the screen. The wider this time is, the greater is what is known as lag. So that is what we are going to try to reduce to the maximum.

How to set up Xiaomi TVs to play


There are televisions that offer a game mode, thanks to it you are able to know what it is going to be used for and it deactivates all those settings that affect the final image shown on the screen. The Xiaomi TV does not offer any way, so you have to make these adjustments manually to reduce latency. So follow the steps below.

First go to Settings and then to Device Preferences. Select the entry where you have the console connected and change the label to rename it with video games or in a personalized way, so it will be easier to manage everything.

Then activate the enhanced HDMI mode, thanks to this you will have support for the HDMI 2.0 implementation with which UHD signals at 50 / 60p 4: 4: 4 and 4: 2: 2 will be accepted. Finally, return to the settings and in Image select Advanced Video . In this setting you deactivate Noise reduction and in the HDMI RGB Range menu select full. Now you return to the previous menu and there you also deactivate Video Smoothing.

Ready, with these simple changes the response time will be reduced. It will not be the ideal screen to enjoy the most outstanding gaming experience, mainly due to the very limitation of the panel that goes to 60 Hz and not the 120 Hz of higher ranges, but quite good.

Settings to configure any TV as a game screen

Mi LED TV HDMI 2.0 games

What we have commented for Xiaomi TVs is valid for any other TV. All you have to do is check with the manufacturer’s instruction manual to find out where each of these options is.

As a reminder, all you have to deactivate is that related to motion smoothing, dynamic contrast analysis, color enhancements or other filters that you could see. All these processes only add more input lag and benefit nothing to the gaming experience. Then, finally, check the calibration and if you can extend the RGB color range to full.

Ready, now you can be sure that you will get the best video game experience with your TV.