How to roll back an app to the previous version

In our smartphones a key piece is undoubtedly the updates, which allow us to be up to date in different aspects. Although we place great value on the news that reaches the system via OTA, we cannot ignore application updates, which sometimes are not perfect and present serious problems.

For the cases in which we run into a wrong update in an app , you will be facing a headache. But you do not have to live with it, since you can go back to the correct version, where your mobile and that application work correctly. A way to skip the rules and live with what we need without always requiring the latest, since it is not always better.

roll back an app to the previous version

Downgrade apps on Android

This is the process that we are going to have to carry out to get the apps to work properly. Something that was previously much easier to do, but some years ago, on Android we lost the option to uninstall updates from the applications themselves . With this, an attempt was made to stop a process that does not always have to be positive, since it caused other errors in the system due to incompatibility.

So that this does not happen to you, we are going to give you the keys that will help you to locate exactly the version that works and with which your mobile should perform well again.

Kill the app

The first thing we must do to put aside the falseness that this application is giving us, is to end it. While it is on our mobile we will not be able to get our object to go back to a previous version. But to do this, we have to first look at the version it contains. A process that we are going to follow in this way:

versión app

  • We go to the Mobile Settings.
  • We enter Applications.
  • We select the app that gives us problems.
  • We slide to the end, where we will see the version.

We have to write down that number or take a screenshot to remember the current version in which we have the errors. Afterwards, we can go up to clear the cache and accumulated data as recommended first in storage. Then we can uninstall the app from the system.

Find the substitute

The next step to follow is the one that will give us the possibility to return to the version of the app in which it worked correctly . For this we have to start by searching the most recommended Android application websites for the version we need. Among the ones we can trust the most, we come across and recommend Apk Pure, MalaVida or APKMirror. We can use any of them, since they work in a similar way.

Once we access, we have to enter the dedicated section for the app we are looking for. In case the bug appears in a somewhat less popular app, it is possible that there are not as many versions available, but we usually find a wide variety. Within the page of the application itself we will have access to all the ordered versions.

versiones apps

We have to look for the one that we had installed on the mobile and that is giving us so much trouble not to take that one, but the previous one. Inside we will have one or more versions that correspond to different Android architecture systems. Most likely, your terminal is compatible with the model that contains ARM64, only older smartphones from 2016 should opt for ARM. If we get confused there is no problem, we will only find that the app does not work and we will have to try the alternative option.

When we download the file and proceed to install them, the first time we have to give installation permissions to unknown sources, something that is not dangerous since we have already confirmed the websites from where there are no dangers.

Do not support updates

Once we manage to have it on our mobile when we see that it works correctly, we will only have to protect it. If we do not do this step, in a matter of hours or days Google Play will update it and the errors will appear again. That is why we must enter the store, access the search and locate the app in question. Then we touch on the top three points and disable automatic updates for this specific app.

And the system apps?

As many as we try to imitate these steps in the apps that come standard in the system, we will not be able to do them. Android restrictions only offer us the possibility of disabling those apps that the system requires to function correctly, but there is a way to avoid the limitation. To do this, we will return to Google Play by repeating this process:

desinstalar actualizaciones apps

  • We look for the application that we want to fix.
  • We touch on the Uninstall button.
  • We confirm the installation of the updates.
  • We tap on the upper right corner and avoid automatic updates.

With this we will achieve our purpose with any app in the system and its correct operation.

And on the iPhone?

For all those iOS users, you should know that the options to return to a previous version in any iOS app are complicated. Apple has limited the possibility of installing outdated applications for several generations and that prevents us from manually solving problems with some apps. We will have to trust that our bugs are solved soon by the developer in the App Store and proceed with the update as soon as possible.

When is it time to return?

Although this method can save us from the problem we were facing, there will come a time when we will have to activate the app again to have news and corrections to other problems that we may not have suffered. That moment will be the one we decide, but usually a couple of weeks will be enough.

version app google play

In that time we will have to check from Google Play that the error is solved, something we can do by looking at the information in the app to check the version and in the latest comments to know the opinions. The next thing will be to click on the update button and if we want to, allow automatic updates again.