How to reset network settings on mobile

Mobile phones are loaded with options and possibilities, leaving us to do thousands and thousands of things with them. However, in most cases we need to be connected to the network so that the mobile can communicate with the cloud or other users and take advantage of all its possibilities. This always happens over the WiFi network or mobile data.

reset network settings on mobile

But what happens when we have a problem with the network , either because it has been disconnected and it is not known to count or because of many other situations that can occur. For this we have a default option on all mobiles that makes the network work again with a very simple process that will take just a few seconds.

Reset network settings

Before launching that solution we are talking about, we must know the reasons that can lead us to use it. The first and most common is based on the moment in which our mobile has run out of signal . This can sometimes be due to coverage or a phone company problem, but if the failure extends minutes or even hours leaving us without calls, data network or messages, we should think about putting this into practice.

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But problems do not have to appear only with the mobile data network and coverage, WiFi connection problems are also solved by resetting the network. Whenever we detect that our mobile phone, unlike other devices, suddenly disconnects from the home WiFi, concluding with a good signal, we should take this into account.

But this process is not only useful for signal problems when browsing, since it also helps us to solve problems with Bluetooth connections. In this chaos, we should use it as long as other solutions such as disconnecting and connecting Bluetooth have not helped, even individually disconnecting the device.

The reason why all the situations related to the connection lead us to this option are clear, this will take care of completely restoring everything that has to do with the smartphone networks . Many times we are not able to find the problem and with this process we could return to control the situation and the mobile just by doing these steps that we will see.

What happens when you use it?

Once we decide to reset the entire network system on the smartphone, some parts of the configuration and process related to the connections that we mentioned will be erased:

  • Access point settings (APN).
  • Mobile data limits.
  • WiFi networks not stored in the backup.
  • All paired devices.
  • Application data restrictions.
  • Preferred network type.
  • The VPN is disabled.

But on the other hand, the process will never erase personal or self-interest items. Resetting the network will never delete photos, videos, files, contacts, applications or anything that has nothing to do with the connection settings.

Present on Android

This method is available in each and every Android mobile, a process that has practically no differences between one brand or another, as well as in the versions of the operating system or the customization layers. To carry it out, we must be sure that we do not mind losing the configuration developed and repeating the steps and connections mentioned above. Therefore, what we must do is the following:

recuperar ajustes bluetooth

  • We enter Phone Settings.
  • Click on System.
  • We mark on recovery or reset options.
  • We touch on Recover WiFi, mobile network and Bluetooth.
  • We confirm the process in the final button to reset them.

After this it is not necessary to follow any other process. Depending on whether the WiFi connection is restored correctly or if the mobile data connects again, we will be able to assess whether this method has been the solution to our problems. In case it does not take effect, we must bear in mind that it is necessary to manually recount us in many cases, especially if our smartphone does not request the APN from the company or if the WiFi key does not work. In the same way, you will always have to connect Bluetooth devices again.

Also on iPhones

For all those who have an iPhone, the process changes slightly, but nevertheless all the options and presence that we have breaded will also be erased in iOS. Here what does not change is what it solves, allowing us in many cases to get out of a series of problems related to the network, WiFi or Bluetooth with these steps:

restablecer red iphone

  • We access the Settings.
  • We go to the General section.
  • Click on Transfer or reset the iPhone.
  • We select in the following menu Reset.
  • To finally choose Reset network settings.

What if it doesn’t work?

Once we have completed the process on our smartphone, we have reconfigured the connections and we have put its operation to the test, everything should work again. However, there are times when the problem can be greater and that leads us to think of another higher step, this will be to reset the mobile phone. Something that we have had very close to all the time.

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In Android we just have to go back to the system> Recovery options and in iOS to the reset menu to restore the entire smartphone to factory settings in both cases. This will now cause photos, videos and elements that are not safe under the backup to be deleted, so we will have to move them to another device before carrying out the process.

If after this, the mobile continues to present the same connection failures, we have to choose whether or not to be worthy of the store where we bought it or the manufacturer to make use of the guarantee. A problem like this that leaves us isolated or without the possibility of making 100% use of the mobile cannot continue to appear in our terminal. Even if the phone is no longer under warranty, we should try to repair it at whatever cost it may incur.