Best Step Counter Apps for Apple Watch


Counting your steps is a great way to progressively increase your walking, to be more active and hence improve your overall health. By tracking your physical activity you have the opportunity to accurately measure how much you’re actually walking, to set and adjust goals, to monitor your progress and boost your exercise motivation.

You can easily record and track your step count with the aid of your Apple Watch. Here’s a list of useful apps you can use to monitor your physical activity from your wrist.



ActivityTracker is a step counter app for iPhone and Apple Watch, developed to monitor your daily physical activity with a minimal impact on the battery (no GPS). The app is designed to keep track of a series of relevant fitness metrics, such as the steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, active time or floors climbed.

ActivityTracker comes with an independent Apple Watch app and places at your disposal detailed stats abour your movement. The Watch app offers hour-by-hour stats, a Today’s overview, as well as a summary of your last seven days. At the same time, there are various colorful Complications available, in case you want to have a sneak peak at your progress.

To encourage you to increase your walking, ActivityTracker allows you to set a personal weekly target and displays a daily goal based on that target. You can set a target not only for the steps taken, but also for the calories burned or distance covered. The app also offers an app icon badge, customizable widgets and the possibility to share your daily progress with friends and followers.



Pedometer++ is the oldest app in the App Store to take advantage of the built-in motion processor in order to monitor your activity. The app records and displays diverse stats, ranging from your step count to active calorie burn and heart rate. Pedometer++ offers multiple Complications for your Watch and gives you the possibility to select how to view your activity on your wrist: as simple numbers or icon, as goal progress rings or report graphs.

The app enables you to set a daily goal and to visualize the progress made directly from your Watch app, from your iPhone app or the Today View widget. An interesting feature is represented by the achievements system. The app rewards you with badges when you reach certain milestones, such as the total steps in a day, streaks, lifetime floors or miles.



Steps is a pedometer app that displays how active you are during the day in a truly simple way. The design is clean and clear, with an obvious emphasis on step tracking. Of course, you can see right on your wrist not only how many steps you’ve taken, but also the distance walked, calories burned, time spent physically active or the flights of stairs.

Steps lets you set a daily step goal and adjust it along the way and provides detailed info regarding your walking history. It’s worth mentioning that the app can record your workout sessions through the use of GPS. This will allow you to see your route on a map, but on the downside it will have an impact on your device’s battery.



StepWise is an interesting alternative to count steps on Apple Watch. This ad-supported app can keep track of your daily activity and display all the fitness metrics that matter. At the same time it comes with the option of starting a trip and tracking it separately. You can set a personal goal and receive motivational messages to continue being active.

With StepWise you can monitor the progress made over time, with possibilities to analyze your weekly, monthly and yearly activity. Speaking of activity, you can share your results with friends and followers via email, social media or messaging platforms. For quick access to your fitness data, you can resort to the Today widget or the Watch Complications.



Stepz is another app you can use to track steps, calories burned or walking distance directly on your Apple Watch. The app allows you to set your own daily goal for the steps taken and keeps you updated with the progress made on an hourly basis.

Stepz adds some fun to the fitness tracking process by giving you the chance to unlock various achievements once you reach specific goals and by connecting with your friends. You can quickly visualize your step count on the app icon badge or through the Today widget.