Robot Arm with Artificial Intelligence Controlled by Raspberry Pi

Robot Arm with Artificial Intelligence Controlled by Raspberry Pi

How far could the potential of a Raspberry Pi go? If you have asked yourself that question recently, know that there does not seem to be a definitive answer, because when you think you have seen it all, someone comes along and surprises you. As is the case with James Bruton who has built a robotic arm controlled by a Raspberry Pi Zero and artificial intelligence.

A robotic arm controlled by a Raspberry Pi

James Bruton is one of those people who is worth tracking if you are interested in everything related to the world of engineering, robotics and more than attractive projects if, in addition, you are a fan of Marvel. But we’ll talk about that part later, now let’s focus on his latest project: a robotic arm controlled automatically by a Raspberry Pi.

Of course, using a Raspberry Pi Zero W in this case to control the different servos that allow different movements of the arm and fingers of the hand would not be striking. So Bruton’s challenge was to go one step further and equip him with artificial intelligence so that the movements were carried out automatically.

To achieve this, what it did was take into account the movements of the other limbs, so they could be used as an input source together with the movements of the head that would also serve as a guide for those users who equipped it. But if you like, before continuing, take a look at the video posted by James on his own YouTube channel


After building the arm using parts printed by himself on a 3D printer, performing repetitive movements that trained the AI used in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi Zero W, and a lot of additional work adjusting each part of the arm, the arm was able to accurately predict. the movements that he was going to carry out and automatically execute them without the need for extra interaction on his part.

The result, as you have seen in the video, is incredible despite being just a concept created by someone with great talent and great knowledge, but without the resources that they could have in laboratories of large companies. However, on James Bruton’s GitHub page you can find all the information and code for his projects.

The British Iron Man

Now that you know the robotic arm created with a Raspberry Pi and James Bruton, its author, it is worth stopping to see other of his most popular videos if you have not already done so. And this man is known in part as the British Iron Man . Because it has Marvel superhero costumes that are truly amazing.

The level of detail achieved is so high that it could really compete with the visual effects that Disney uses in its more ambitious films. It’s crazy and if you like Marvel, surely the first thing that has crossed your mind is how cool it would be to be able to have a suit of this type for your next costume party, right?

Well, keep watching some of their videos, like the Iron Mac Hulkbuster, robots like Boston Dynamics or those also particular replicas of Star Wars or Bumblebee from Tansformer. Truly, a channel that will delight robotics lovers.