Rings of light: how to choose the best one for your mobile

Ring lights have become important accessories when it comes to getting good results when taking photos or recording videos. If you want to get a model that fits perfectly to use it with your smartphone, we will show you all the details that you must take into account.

Rings of light

The function of these accessories is to equalize the light intensity that exists in the place where you take photos or record, and in this way that shadows do not appear in places where it looks very bad. In addition, it also allows you to optimize the way in which the color of the skin and eyes is seen, something that is achieved due to the inclusion of a ring that generates 360-degree light.

It is possible to find models that can be used without problems with smartphones , which is due to the fact that they have dimensions that are not unreasonable and, in addition, their connectivity is excellent and compatible with mobile phones. The fact is that with the light rings you can obtain professional results that can be published on practically any platform (including social networks).

uso de anillos de luz

Main uses of light rings

Due to their shape, they are ideally used when you want uniform light when shooting photo shoots where close- ups predominate or for recording first-person videos. Thus, it is clear that combining these accessories with a phone makes all the sense in the world and, therefore, there are many manufacturers that offer compatible models.

There are two options for this type of ring light: the models that are thought to be placed on a table and those that have a tripod on which the mobile is placed. The former are ideal for making video calls or live broadcasts on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. The second ones are the ones that go one step further and, in addition to the above, also make it possible to improve the results in recordings or larger photos (an example is details of a device or an interview).

Things that are important to check

The first thing is that the lighting elements used by the model you buy are most convenient if they are LED types and not lamps -the difference in price, not so great, is amortized-. This, on the one hand, ensures excellent durability and, on the other, makes it possible to customize the intensities and shades to suit each moment.

In what has to do with the size of the ring itself, the ideal is to avoid models that do not have a clip type, since their use is very limited (practically taking selfies with the phone). Therefore, the ideal among the options that exist for mobiles, the ideal is to choose a model that is between 12 and 15 inches . These are perfect for recording videos with good quality (the larger ones are ideal for professional use and even outdoors and are usually combined with cameras instead of smartphones).

Tonalidades en los anillos de luz

Other details you have to check

Apart from what has been mentioned, there are other things that are important to assess before deciding on one or another model. These are the ones that we believe are basic and allow us to make an appropriate choice:

  • Support : ideally, the fastening element should have legs that can be managed manually so that you can adapt the accessory to any situation. In addition, it is essential that it allows a 360-degree ration so that you do not have to make an effort to get the position that best suits your needs.
  • Technology : There are COB and SMD. The former uses a MicroLED element to emit light and therefore offers high precision and durability. SMD, on the other hand, makes use of more basic components and, therefore, they are cheaper due to their high resistance. The latter can be an input option, but you will end up with a COB model in the end.
  • Wattage – Forget the wattage you usually see on many specs for these products as they don’t give you an idea of the visible radiation that is basic to ring lights. This, measured in lumens, must be between 2,300 and 3,000 lm so that the work you do is of quality.
  • Remote control : this is basic, since the inclusion of a remote control makes its use very simple and you do not have to move from where you are to change any type of function when using the accessory.
  • Color temperature : this is important, since by changing this parameter the light that is emitted is different. Ideally, it should be capable of reaching 5000K. To give you an idea, these are the ranges of usual use: up to 3500K the tone is warm; up to 4500K is considered neutral; and, on top, a cold effect is achieved. Keep in mind that what you do here will “tint” the photo and video one way or another.

RGB en anillos de luz

  • RGB – This is an increasingly common option. By using LED lights you can achieve effects of any type of color, which is exponentially improved by the options that light rings have when using them. Here it is recommended that the Color Rendering Index (CRI) be a minimum of 95 -the ideal is to reach 100-.

The best purchase options

We leave you a list of the two types of ring light models that exist depending on their form of use: on the table or with a standing tripod. Regardless of the choice you make, what is certain is that you will get a model that has good quality (and that is that the price range goes from 15 to 105 euros).

Ring lights with tripod

Ksix Studio Live MAX

The tripod that this model has is very interesting, since it offers excellent stability and is easy to manipulate. The ring uses LED light, so its usefulness is excellent since it even allows three different temperatures. Something that makes it striking is that it has a remote control. It costs about €24.

Anillo Ksix Studio Live MAX

Cellular Line Selfie Ring Pro

A very good model since, among other things, the light power that it is capable of emitting reaches 2,600 lumens. More than enough to create content for social networks and that they offer a good finish. Your tripod is of excellent compatibility. You can get it for more or less 35 euros.

Anillo Cellular Line Selfie Ring Pro

MICCYE ring light

It is one of the options that, among other things, allows you to emit very different colors thanks to its LEDs (no less than 32 by default). You can also set the brightness level and everything is very simple thanks to its Bluetooth remote control, which is especially small.

Anillo MYCCE

Neewer Lighting Kit

A great quality is what you are going to get with this model that has a 48-centimeter circle and that integrates a number of LED diodes. The tones that it is capable of configuring reach up to 5500K, so it is an excellent possibility to obtain different user experiences.

Anillo Neewer Iluminación Kit

Light rings with legs for the table

Yoozon Kit

Among the things that stand out in this device, which is one of the smallest rings of light, is that its diameter is 10 inches and that it does not lack the ability to achieve up to ten different intensities of brightness. Its rotating base is very useful.

Anillo Yoozon Kit

Cap Streaming

Although its finish does not seem like it, LED light is included inside this ring, so the durability it offers is high. With a very small remote control, but that includes all the necessary functionality, you can choose between three different light modes.

Anillos Gorrow Streaming


Another of the models that has a diameter of 10 inches, more than enough to give it a wide and complete use with a phone. It has everything you need, since its base can be completely rotated and it is capable of emitting different shades in a very simple way. Good choice.

Anillo WOWGO

Hama Spotlight LED-RL 67

Its USB connection ensures that you can use it with any phone since it supplies power from the terminal itself. It has a good amount of LEDs to emit a powerful and uniform light that is what it is all about. It is comfortable to transport and has different shades of use to create the environment you need. Get him for around €38.

Anillo Hama Foco LED-RL 67

The recommendation

Well, among the models with a large tripod, Neewer ‘s is the best choice, since it allows a more precise configuration and, in addition, has excellent solvency and resistance. Among the options for the table, the Hama is the one you have to buy, since it has many possibilities and, in addition, it is a perfect solution to carry it from one place to another due to its small size.