How to choose the best weather station for your home

A weather station is a device that allows you to know the climatic conditions that exist in the place where you are and even offers the possibility of making a short-term forecast. Therefore, it is a highly recommended accessory if you do not want to be caught by surprise by rain or intense heat. We tell you what you need to know to choose the one you need.

These devices are made up of different elements where the most important are the sensors that allow acquiring precise information on the climatic situation that exists where the weather station is located. Depending on the sensors used, it is possible to use the product indoors or outdoors, but you can always see the information on a screen so you do not have to make much effort.

the best weather station

What is its function?

With these accessories it is possible to know such important data as, for example, the temperature that exists in a specific place or the weather forecast by reviewing information such as the combination of humidity and atmospheric pressure. Therefore, it helps you to know if you have to take your umbrella with you or if you can do without the coat when you leave home.

The utility of a digital weather station is quite great both for a home user who likes everything that has to do with meteorology and even for farmers to know if the rains are coming or not. In other words, we are talking about devices that have evolved a lot and, now, are even vital options for hikers or those who are on vacation and want to know if it is a day at the beach or not.

Estación meteorológica con pantalla a color

How does a weather station work?

Well, the truth is that everything is very simple, since you only have to place the device in the chosen place, either inside or outside, and connect the external sensors -if you have them-. Once this is done, you simply have to wait a while for the information to be acquired without having to do anything for it. The next thing is that you see the corresponding information on the screen. It couldn’t be more comfortable.

And what information can be known with a home weather station? Well, it all depends on what you need. There are two data that, no matter how basic the model you buy, you can always know: the temperature by using a thermometer and the ambient humidity thanks to the inclusion of a hygrometer.

Other options that it is possible to know are those that we list below, but, in these cases, you must use an additional external sensor :

  • Rain rate using a rain gauge
  • Wind speed for what an anemometer is needed
  • Atmospheric pressure in the case of having a barometer
  • Some advanced models include a solar radiation meter that allows knowing the existing UV factor. It is necessary to use special panels that are not very cheap.
  • Environmental noise control with a sound level meter
  • There are other less common options such as a lightning detector or a sensor that allows knowing the temperature of the floor

Aplicación del tiempo de una estación meteorológica

What can be done with the information

Generally, what is done is to transmit it to a computer or mobile device such as a phone or tablet in order to manage it and, for example, establish a history of the weather conditions in the place where it is. To do this, use a USB port or, if the weather station allows it, send the information via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Apart from being able to use the information personally, for some time there have been web pages where it is possible to share this data with other users (something that some models allow you to do directly). In this way, you have access to a larger database and you can get much more accurate climate projections. Some examples are Wunderground or Ecowitt .

Features you should always check

We leave you a summary of what you have to check to be sure that you buy a good quality accessory that will cover the needs you have.

Sensors : the station you buy should always integrate a thermometer and a hygrometer. The rest can be external and, therefore, you must check that the chosen model allows the connection of these elements. That is, it offers good scalability.

Screen : Ideally, it should be as large as possible so that it can display the greatest amount of information. That it be in color is recommended, but not essential.

Connectivity : you always have to include USB to be able to directly connect the weather station to a computer. Currently, including WiFi or Bluetooth is very positive.

Degree of accuracy : This depends especially on how often the place you are in is scanned. At a minimum, it should offer the possibility of setting 30 seconds, but models that go down to five are highly recommended because they are very precise.

Sensor para exterior Software : every good quality device must include one of its own development in which the data that is acquired can be stored. In this way, you can establish predictions or historical. It is important that the application is available for all current operating systems, such as Windows and Android.

Power : Batteries or a rechargeable battery are usually used. What is important is that the autonomy is a minimum of one week, since otherwise you will end up tired of having to constantly check this point.

Alarms : the weather station must allow alarms to go off, either sound or by sending a message, so that you know if there are sudden changes or a limit such as the UV factor is exceeded.

models you can buy

We leave you below several purchase options, ordered by price, that are of good quality and that can be used with solvency in homes. They are the following:

Models with B/W screen

Touloube weather station

A model that has an application for mobile devices and that has an external sensor with three elements that allow a good amount of information to be acquired. Its screen is quite large, and it allows you to set alerts to control its operation. Its price is around 80 euros.

Estación meteorológica Touloube The best

  • Supports the use of additional sensors


  • Low resolution screen


This is a station that uses batteries for its operation, and that has a design that is quite attractive. It is possible to connect outdoor sensors, and it does not lack the possibility of making forecasts with the data that is acquired. You can get it for around €110.


The best

  • very striking design


  • The screen should be bigger

Froggit WH4000SE

You can establish WiFi connection to transmit the data acquired by this weather station. Its screen is excellent, since it has large dimensions which allows it to display a lot of information. Some of the data that it is capable of acquiring are the forecast of precipitation, air humidity and atmospheric pressure. Its price is around 150 euros.

Estación Froggit WH4000SE The best

  • The screen shows a lot of information


  • it’s something big

Color display models


One of the best options offered by this model is to include an external sensor that is capable of collecting up to nine different types of data. With a very attractive design, the integrated color screen is excellently made. It costs more or less 60 euros.

Estación meteorológica MOHOO DCF The best

  • Aesthetically it is very attractive.


  • The sensor is a bit small

BRESSER 7002580

The most remarkable thing about this model is that it includes an outdoor sensor that is capable of accurately measuring from wind speed to ambient humidity. With a price of around 160 euros, its screen has excellent quality.

Estación meteorológica BRESSER 7002580 The best

  • Its external sensor is excellent


  • Improvable connectivity

sainlogic professional

Its eight-inch screen is an excellent example of the good quality of this product that can be synchronized with accessories such as sensors and even alarms. It does not lack WiFi connectivity and its price remains at about 265 euros.

Estación Sainlogic profi The best

  • your screen is amazing


  • The something big the module for the sensors

The recommendation

We do not have many doubts that, among all the models that we have chosen, the one that you should have in the first position of purchase is the BRESSER 7002580 . Its excellent screen combined with good connectivity make it a great choice. In addition, it has a good design and supports all kinds of external sensors (apart from the one included by default).