Improvements brought by the renewed Facebook Messenger for Windows 10

When we refer to the social networks and instant messaging services that we use so much at the moment, there are some proposals that stand out. For example, in the first of the sections, the Facebook alternative may be the best known worldwide, as with WhatsApp in the second.

It is true that on the Internet we can use many other proposals in this same direction, as with Instagram, Twitter, or Telegram in the case of messaging. But at the same time, we cannot forget the Facebook Messenger application that Zuckerberg also wants to promote for a long time. Well, for all those who regularly use this platform to communicate, we have good news.

We tell you all this because, after many months of inactivity, it seems that Facebook is fulfilling its promise. Specifically, we are referring to something that the firm has been talking about for a long time and it seems that it will finally comply. Thus, what is intended at the moment is to improve the Facebook Messenger application for Windows 10 computers.

And there are many who prefer to use this app from their desktop computers with Windows 10, among other things due to comfort. Well, at this point, we will tell you that the new updated application is based on Electron. With all this, what is intended is to greatly improve the user experience by making use of instant messaging software.Facebook Messenger

Improvements brought by the renewed Facebook Messenger for Windows 10

How could it be otherwise, Facebook itself has added a series of improvements and new features to the application so that everyone can use it in the best way. Thus, in the beginning we can emphasize that the novelties that have been integrated in this case will please many.

To begin we will tell you that in the new version we will already have the possibility of being able to eliminate forever the messages sent to our contacts. This is something that had been requested for a long time and that we can already carry out. At the same time, in terms of the program interface, new topics have been introduced so that we can use them.

Continuing with the news that have reached this new version of Facebook Messenger, we must also review the possibility of sending files to others. This significantly improves communication and can interact much more with other users. We will also say that we can now use the app in full screen mode, hide certain chats that we do not want to be seen, and the emoticons have been updated.

Of course, despite everything we have told you, these developments are not yet available in these moments, although the first Beta is expected to arrive shortly. As expected, this will be made available to everyone in the Microsoft Store of Windows 10. That is why we will keep you informed, since the regulars of this platform will gain a lot in their user experience when communicating with others by this way.