How to remove the demonstration mode from a Samsung Galaxy mobile

Many of the users who have a Samsung mobile device may be completely unaware of this functionality that is integrated in these terminals, and that can be activated in different ways, as well as deactivate it. We are referring to the demo or demonstration mode that is used, mainly, when a smartphone is put on sale in a physical company store.

However, not only can it be used for the marketing of the phone itself in question, but it can also help at specific times to increase certain restrictions when using the Samsung smartphone. However, you may have bought a second-hand mobile device and it came with this demo mode. For this reason, we will teach you how to deactivate it so that you can use the smartphone that you just bought without any problem.

remove the demonstration mode from a Samsung Galaxy mobile

The hard way to remove Demo mode from a Samsung

If, unfortunately, someone has given you a phone from the Asian manufacturer with this functionality activated, or you have bought it yourself, don’t worry, because you can remove it. At first, this method will be the easiest to carry out, and it is the one that has worked the most for the different users of the network who have a Samsung Galaxy mobile in their possession. However, it may not work for you in your case.

Therefore, if you have already tired of having to use your new smartphone with demo mode, you will have to perform a series of steps to be able to permanently remove this view from your Android phone. The first thing we should look for is the Samsung Retail Mode app that will be installed by default on your mobile device. And it is that all the Galaxy that come with this function activated, must have this software pre-installed.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Then, once you access this software that we have indicated, it will be time to look for your option in Configuration Settings. To access it, we will get to request a code that we will not have first, and all to unlock the administration menu of this smartphone application with which we can be even closer to deactivating this characteristic mode. Therefore, insert this passkey: 5444 .

Once we have managed to access this panel, we will have to look for the section that is named similarly with Factory data reset . Thanks to this alternative, we will be able to completely erase the demo mode. However, if we have been using the phone normally for a while and we already had documents saved, we recommend that you transfer it to the cloud or to an external memory, since with this option you will leave the mobile device completely empty.

When you click on Reset factory data, it will ask us for another password that will be different from the previous one. However, we have it at our disposal, so you must write M729Q16K8546 , as it appears. The next will be to press OK on the automatic message that we will receive on the mobile that will alert us that the smartphone will be erased to leave it as a complete new terminal, that is, as if it came from the factory.

What Galaxy phones have this function?

This function is not exclusive to the Korean brand’s mobile devices, as it can also be found on their televisions. Since, especially, they are the ones that use this tool the most for the public. However, in the case of their mobile phones, each and every one of them is accompanied by this functionality that allows us to establish a cleaner interface of icons whenever we want. In addition, from the Android version 6 it can be enabled by accessing the developer options that we will explain later.

How to activate this mode on a Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A

The time may come you decide to lend your smartphone to someone, like your son, or simply decide to sell it. This mode will be good to show your smartphone as if it were in a physical store of the South Korean company. And is that, by enabling this functionality that comes natively in Samsung mobiles, we will be able to hide certain icons on the top bar, we will even be able to hide pending notifications. In addition to that it will also be useful if we need to take screenshots in which no type of icon is shown.

The best of all is that we will not need to have any type of third-party application to enable or disable it every time we want. Since it will not be a model as in the previous case, since this comes standard with the normal software without having the previous functionality enabled as standard.

In addition, we can get to activate or deactivate it without any complication by following these same steps. And the software version of our smartphone will not matter either, so it will not matter which version of One UI we have. Well, we will only make use of the developer options that are included in the terminals of the Korean brand.

Therefore, if you want to have this function enabled on your Samsung smartphone, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter your mobile settings.
  2. Find the About device section and access it.
  3. Go to information to software information.
  4. Now, tap seven times on the Build Number option.

modo Demo Samsung

Once the developer options are activated, a visual will appear on the mobile panel. So, next, we will have to return to the main settings menu and move towards the bottom, since now we will have the option we were looking for. When entering the Developer Options , we will have to look for the section that will be called Demo mode.

When we are inside, we will see two options, although first only one will be available: Activate demo mode and Show demo mode . Once we press the activation switch, the second option will be automatically enabled with which this functionality will begin to function fully on our Samsung mobile device. In the event that you want to deactivate this tool and the developer options are disabled, you will have to repeat the previous process, enter this menu and disable both options that we had previously marked.