How to make the keyboard of an Android mobile not slow

One of the most fundamental points of any smartphone is that we can write without any problems when using the keyboard that is incorporated in all of them. And it is that, without this tool, we will not be able to carry out different daily tasks, so we will always have to take care of this functionality of our mobile devices to the millimeter so that it fulfills its function.

make the keyboard of an Android mobile not slow

However, there are times when we find that the phone keyboard is too slow , when it should work perfectly. For this reason, we must know a series of adjustments that will help us to recount an efficient one, and in some cases it will even be faster than before. Everything will depend on the possibilities offered by your particular mobile phone.

Give more speed to the keyboard of your Android mobile

In some moments, you may have surely noticed that this tool on your smartphone does not act as usual, that is, the speed with which we write has worsened. And it is that when we see that it has a significant delay, it is now time to act, since it is not a good sign, since something is causing it to lose speed.

Even, not only will it affect us when sending a text message or looking for something in particular, but it could make it worse. Since it could also not appear or take longer to do so. Therefore, it will be essential to make a series of adjustments to be able to avoid this event.

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For this reason, the first thing we must do is delete the internal data that has been stored in the app of this tool itself. And it is that, being a tool, Android smartphones have the possibility of erasing their data in case the previous problems that we have mentioned can happen. For this, we will have to access the smartphone settings and look for the section where all the applications we have on the phone are located.

After this, we will have to specifically search for the software of this tool and enter it. After this, you will have to click on Storage and go to Delete all data . These steps may vary depending on the brand of the terminal, the version of Android and even the software layer. For this reason, we are giving you a generic route so that you can guide yourself without problems to the keyboard settings .

Finally, some smartphones will allow us to increase the touch sensitivity of the screen. In this way, we will get this software tool to respond much faster than before. In addition to that it will work better, thanks to its recent data erasure that we just applied.

Therefore, to check if we have a similar setting, we will have to go into the configuration of our phone and look for an option called Touch sensitivity among its functions. Sometimes, it is usually found within the Screen section or in a section where additional settings or advanced functions are found. Another way may be to resort to the internal quick search engine of your phone, where you will have to enter Touch sensitivity.

Why is the iPhone keyboard slow?

As with Android smartphones, this software tool may have some kind of error that prevents it from continuing to function as it was doing until then. But don’t worry, there is also a solution to solve this problem. To do this, we will have to go to Settings> General> Reset and click on Reset keyboard dictionary . This would completely restart this software, so it should work fine again.

Do you have problems with the keyboard?

It may be that, despite having taken action by deleting the data of the app itself of this tool from your smartphone, you still have different speed problems . For this reason, we are going to leave you different methods that you should take into account to be able to solve it so that it does not give you any kind of problem again. Thus, you will discover what you should take into account so that it does not happen again in the near or distant future.

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Try to change the keyboard

Before going on to the following tips, we can try a fast track that will let us discover if it is a failure of our terminal or the real culprit is this tool. Therefore, we must change the one that comes by default on our mobile device. Depending on the Android phone we have, we can have the Gboard tool or another. For this reason, we recommend you try another of the options that you may have already installed on your phone, or you can also download it for free in the app store.

Update your smartphone

After proving that the keyboard is not guilty , since not even when changing it we can get to write as fast as before, we will have to go on to check if we have any pending system updates. Although we may also need to update the customization layer of the manufacturer of our mobile device. So to be able to check it we will have to enter Settings> Phone information> Check for updates. In this way we will check if we have a slope, otherwise you will have to try the following method.

However, we also recommend updating the different applications on your terminal, because the poor optimization of one of them may be causing this mobile device tool not to work as fast as before.

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Your mobile keyboard has lag

Another of the main complaints from users is that this software on their mobile device is slow or laggy, the dreaded lag that is also present today on any smartphone. To solve it, we will totally depend on the software of this tool, in our case of Gboard, the well-known Google keyboard that comes by default in most of Android smartphones.

What we must do in this case is to display this tool in any application and touch the three points that will appear in the upper corner of this tool. Then we will have to touch on its settings and then enter Preferences. In this section, we must apply two changes, the first will be to deactivate the extension of the smartphone keys, since it causes that, in many mobiles, it has a response delay . The second way will be the delay option when pressing and holding, so it is best to raise the level so that this tool is not so often confused with lag.