Refurbished Phones at Amazon: Tips Before Buying One

Although we all like to release a new mobile and smell new, no one doubts that a used mobile is a cheaper option. Within evaluating these options, the so-called reconditioned mobiles are a great option, since we can have crucial elements such as the guarantee or the support of a large company, something that is more complicated when we carry out a deal in hand with a particular user.

Refurbished mobiles are a kind of intermediate step between buying a new mobile and buying a traditional second hand. They are becoming so important that even Amazon recently launched its “Amazon Renewed” section, a section for users to find some of the most popular mobiles at more “popular” prices.

Refurbished Phones at Amazon

Before buying the reconditioned mobile

As guaranteed by Amazon, the refurbished phones sold on its portal have been inspected and tested to make them work perfectly and look like new. Vendors of these products, which may be qualified third-party manufacturers or specialized third-party vendors, must meet strict criteria in order to sell on Amazon Renewed and meet ongoing performance targets. However, there are several aspects that we have to take into account before launching into the purchase of a reconditioned mobile on Amazon.

moviles reacondicionados en Amazon

Who sell this?

Although Amazon has previously valued companies that handle sales of refurbished phones, we will always have to take a look at the company in question and its reputation. We can look at the details before acquiring the terminal and backtrack if something does not fit us. However, many times it is the companies themselves, such as Apple or Samsung, that sell these reconditioned terminals.

iphone x en amazon

Check the price again

Sometimes it may not compensate for the purchase of a reconditioned mobile, if the new terminal is the same or a little more expensive than the used one. This usually happens when the mobile we are looking for has a flash offer or a one-time discount on Amazon, which reduces its price difference significantly with the refurbished terminal. It is therefore advisable not to assume that the reconditioned is always the best option, and look and probe the price of the brand new version.

Read the description well

Buying a refurbished mobile is very different from buying a new one. It is important to read the description of each ad completely , as it provides key information about it. It is possible that the seller indicates that they do not have the original box or lack of accessories. In addition, information is often provided on the status of the battery and other important technical factors that we have to take into account.

detalles compra s7 reacondicionado

Take a look at other websites

Amazon doesn’t have to be the only option. In recent times, several specialized websites have proliferated in selling reconditioned mobiles that can offer better options. Just by typing “refurbished phones” in Google, we can access the most important and compare prices with Amazon Renewed to assess which option is more worthwhile.