Apple Introduces the A14, the iPhone 12 Processor

Apple has just finished the presentation that was set on the calendar for today September 15. Given the secrecy surrounding the company, no one knew for sure if the new iPhone 12 was going to make an appearance or not. Finally it has not been like that, but the iPhone 12 has been present in some way, since Apple has made official the new A14 Bionic processor , brain of the new iPad Air and except for a capital surprise, the same one that will integrate the iPhone 12.

Apple Introduces the A14

Not a single mention of the iPhone 12. This is how Apple’s presentation has developed. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the new iPhones that should have already been presented will be postponed to a date yet to be determined. However, Apple has left some clue of what awaits us in the new model, at least at the performance level.

New processor improvements

Apple tends to boast of performance and that means counting in detail the features and work done on its processors. The new iPhone 12 will improve its performance over the iPhone 11 and its A13 chip. Now Apple has released some brushstrokes of the new A13, which will see the light of both the new iPad Air and the iPhone 12 that is about to be presented.

a14 bionic apple

The company has detailed that we are facing a 5-nanometer processor manufactured in process and that is made up of six new cores, as well as four new cores dedicated to the GPU. The processor is capable of processing 11 billion operations per second and thanks to its manufacturing process it integrates 11.8 million transistors. Apple has indicated that the processor achieves up to a 40% improvement in performance of traditional processing or CPU and up to 30% higher performance in graphics, with its Quad-Core GPU.


Apple has also detailed that the chip integrates a “Machine Learning” controller for artificial intelligence processes and 16 neural motor cores. The company has merely bypassed some of its key features, including a new advanced image processing process and lower power consumption. Apple has also detailed improvements to security and HDR video processing above.

Paving the way to iPhone 12

The delay in the production of the iPhone 12 has allowed a new iPad to be the master of ceremonies to unveil the new iPhone processor . However, we still have to officially know the new Apple phones to confirm the presence of this processor and its performance, as well as the differences in performance compared to the iPhone 11.