Refurbished Apple TV: Features, Pricing, and Warranties

An Apple TV is a very useful device if you do not have a Smart TV or want to take advantage of exclusive functions such as sharing the screen of your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Also the possibility of accessing platforms such as Apple TV + or Apple Arcade is a great incentive for this device, but is it worth buying a new one? The answer is yes, but the truth is that refurbished Apple TVs offer some advantages that perhaps more than compensate.

What is a refurbished Apple TV

A reconditioned device, as a general rule, are usually those that, without being new, have been developed for sale. They can be equipment with a factory defect corrected or a second-hand device that has had certain parts replaced to work as the first day.

Refurbished Apple TV

In the case of Apple we find that they have an online store available to the user with multiple products of this type and Apple TVs are one of them. In this case they conform to the description given above, since they can be computers that came with a defect and have been restored or those that have been delivered by users with a fault that has subsequently been repaired. It should be noted that all the pieces that are deemed appropriate are exchanged for new and original ones. They also go through a process of tests that certify that it works correctly.

There are other stores that also offer products of this type, but in the end each of them offers different characteristics and conditions, so in this article we will focus only on the products offered by Apple itself.

Refurbished Apple TV warranty

An always important issue is product warranty, as this will cover non-accidental damage that may have been caused by faulty parts or software problems. For these devices, Apple offers a 26-month warranty , which is 2 months more than the legal minimum required by European law. Perhaps somewhere on the Apple website you see that this guarantee is only one year, but the truth is that this is due to a bad translation of the American website, since the company’s own workers can confirm that they really are 26 months. Therefore, for practical purposes you will be finding a product with the same guarantees as a new one.

Accidental damage on your part is not covered by this warranty that you automatically acquire when you buy Apple TV, but you can take advantage of the extended AppleCare + warranty for it. This is an insurance that you also have on new equipment and that covers some repairs free of charge, while in others of higher cost you pay a small amount as a franchise.

Stock is the main disadvantage

Because refurbished Apple TVs are not made like new ones, but come from defective ones, the stock is limited . That is why in many cases you will not find stock of the specific model you want to buy. In fact, these are highly sold products in this area and therefore tend to sell out quickly when they are replaced. Therefore, if you enter the Apple website and cannot find the Apple TV you want, you will have to keep searching for days or weeks afterwards or end up buying a new one. Unfortunately it is very difficult to know when this stock will be replaced.

What’s included in the box

Apple TV reacondicionado

Despite the fact that the packaging of the reconditioned products is slightly different from that of the new products, it still maintains an excellent quality in terms of the materials of the box or the way in which the product is protected inside. As for what comes within it, we find the same as in a new one. In other words, Apple TV itself will be accompanied by its corresponding power cable, the remote with which to interact with it, a Lightning-USB cable to charge the latter, and user guides and manuals.

Price, great incentive to buy

As always, price is an almost determining factor in most purchasing processes. It is for this reason that in refurbished Apple TVs it stands out especially, since it is succulently inferior to that of new products. It is true that perhaps it is not a brutal discount, but in the end it is a saving to take into account and that it will always be good for your pocket considering that in the end you will get the same experience as acquiring a new one.

So is it worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes. We have been able to test new and reconditioned Apple TVs and the truth is that we have not noticed a single difference. Actually yes, the one that refers to our pocket given the discount that these teams have. Therefore we can say with total security that they are highly recommended products and with which you will obtain a pleasant experience, being able to also go to the technical service if any problem arises.